5 Minute Summary of Best Ideas

From Top 5 Books on Peak Performance


Best Ideas

Eat That Frog

Eat That Frog

by Brian Tracy

  • Create large chunks of time – it takes time to get the momentum going and to catch the rhythm. Organize your time by splitting days in large chunks of time
  • Focus solely on one task until it's finished – concentrate on your most important task and eliminate interruptions.  Don't stop working until the task is finished. Switching between tasks slows you down due to having to overcome inertia
  • Slice and dice your tasks into manageable chunks – a major reason for procrastination is the size of a task. Large tasks paralyze you. Decompose them into small manageable chunks and just get started
  • Do the most difficult and important task first – resist the urge to tick small insignificant tasks off your list. Select the most important task that will significantly contribute to your dream no matter how unpleasant it is. Eat that frog first thing in the morning
  • Take it one oil barrel at a time – don't worry about the size of a large task. Concentrate on the current bit and keep moving forward. The monster task will take of itself.

Getting Things Done

Getting Things Done

by David Allen

  • Capture all things that need to be done – in the past, now, or in the future. Anything that you consider unfinished must be captured in a trusted system outside of your mind. Fail to do that and your mind will be occupied with fears, worries, and interruptions about uncompleted stuff
  • Eliminate "open loops" from your life – capture everything you have planned to do and renegotiate with yourself the deadlines
  • Stick to ‘What’s the next action?’ principle – constantly ask this question to tackle any problem. Use it everywhere – during planning sessions, meetings, and day-to-day operations. This eliminates vagueness and bring clarity
  • Take notes during meetings – the power is on the side of the person who takes notes. Date all them – you will often need to know when exactly it happened

Procrastination Why You Do It,

What To Do About It

Procrastination: Why you do it

by Jane Burka and Lenora Yuen

  • Don't be afraid to fail - procrastinators are scared for their best work to be judged, they protect themselves by not doing anything instead
  • Don't be a perfectionist - one of the main reasons to put things off is perfectionism.  Don't chase the horizon for the rest of the life - accept your results and keep moving forward. Don't wait for everything to be just right - it will never be
  • Don't be afraid of success or failure - some procrastinators suffer from fear of success or fear of failure based on their background. Don't let fear to destroy your dreams. Whether you are afraid of failure or success let it go and keep working on your dream instead
  • Combat aversive feelings about difficult tasks - we don't procrastinate because of difficult tasks. We put things of because of feelings associated with them. Decide to fight bad negative feelings so working on challenging tasks becomes much easier
  • Understand you are not immortal - the older you are the closer the imminent truth: our time on this planet is limited. Start enjoying yourself now, don't put off things until tomorrow. The older you get the less time you have to achieve your dreams

15 Secrets Successful People Know About Time Management

15 Secrets Time Management

by Kevin Kruse

  • Focus on minutes - each day has 1,440 minutes. Fight for every minutes by spending your time on what matters 
  • Say NO to almost everything - when you say YES to something you say NO to something else. Say NO to everything that is not critically important to your goals
  • Delegate & outsource - focus on your unique abilities and outsource everything else
  • Check email only 3 times a day - don't interrupt your flow by constantly checking email and jumping on social network websites
  • Stick to 80/20 rule - 20 percent of your effort generate 80 percent of results. Always think about how to achieve your goals with minimal effort

Time Warrior

Time Warrior

by Steve Chandler

  • Be present - replaying the negative past and worrying about future problems steal your present. And the only time you have is NOW. Concentrate on here and now, eliminate negative feelings about past & future.
  • Understand you don't need anyone's approval - don't try to please people to get their approval. Don't put your dream on hold just because someone asked you to do something or sent you an email. Eliminate frightening and depressing thoughts about not being loved and accepted. Now what you are worth and don't worry about what others think about you
  • Concentrate on stuff that matter - destroy projects and tasks which are not important. Learn to say NO to good things to say YES to great ones
  • Declare a war against interruptions & distractions - switch off notifications, disconnect the Internet, concentrate only on 1 thing that really matters
  • Don't create your year, create your day - set small & achievable goals: 30 minutes of writing a book, 20 push-ups, etc. Keep delivering smaller manageable tasks and the year will take care of itself. So will your life. 

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