1. Choose Your Why

2. Let Them Improve Through Fun

3. Be Proud For Their Results

Step 1 - Choose Your Why

What do you want for your children?

  • Living a happy life
  • Having lots of "My Best Day Ever" moments
  • Developing an unstoppable mind
  • Cultivating an incredible character
  • Succeeding in career or business
  • Becoming a super star
  • Being financially secure
  • All of the above

Now that you know what your WHY is, you are ready to proceed to the next step.

Step 2 - Let Them Improve Through Fun

Now, the question is... How do you get there?

How do you get your son or daughter start getting positive results from this young age?

How do you make them want to improve every single day?

  • You give them a breathtaking self-improvement training that is fun to go through
  • The program that ignites their brain and makes them come back for more
  • Just like watching their favourite show but growing the vital life skills at the same time

Meet the "Interstellar Heroes" program:

  • A self-improvement training for children and young adults (7-21 years old)
  • Designed to make them ready to tackle life's most serious challenges
  • Helps children to not only look after themselves but to also take care of ageing parents

Here is how it works:

  • This online training is presented as a breathtaking blockbuster story
  • Delivered as a show with multiple episodes
  • Packed with engaging reinforcement assignments to solidify the newly acquired skills

Let's take a closer look at how this captivating story unfolds...

Making Kids Addicted to Self-Improvement

We adopted the same techniques video game creators use to make our kids addicted to gaming. Just that we do it for a really good reason. To help the kids fall in love with personal development.

That's why we start the training with a bit of a mystery...

The story begins On the 27-th of November 2023, 747 families from different parts of the world are contacted by their National Security Agencies. They leave parents no choice: all kids must pack immediately to take part in a massive initiative to protect the planet from an unprecedented disaster. Having gone through multiple excruciating trials, 8 kids are finally selected to form a special squad. No one has an idea on what's going on...

Why use this format? Using the format of a breathtaking blockbuster movie makes both kids and parents enjoy going through the training together. Because it's just like watching your favourite movie series (Harry Potter, Spider-Man, Avengers, Transformers, Star Wars, Mission Impossible, Matrix, Game of Thrones, etc.) Why not to make training engaging and interesting like movie producers do? Enough boring slides and "talking heads"! Who said character building and peak performance training must be boring?

Getting Them Into the Habit of Overcoming Challenges

One of the most important goals of this training program is to transform the kids into unstoppable "warriors". To help them become resilient champions capable of overcoming incredible challenges life will undoubtedly throw at them over and over again.

That's why we introduce an incredible twist right at the start of the story...

The story continues... And just when you thought it couldn't get any tougher... On the way to a secret base their helicopter crashes before reaching the island. While no kids are hurt it's not looking good... Left without crucial equipment and completely lost on the mysterious and dangerous island, the group can only survive if they find the secret base and manage to break into it.

The only question is: can they unite as a team and at the same time grow individually to overcome this humongous challenge?

What's in it for my child and me? Your life will become much easier when your child learns to:

  • prepare for challenges to keep trying and never giving up no matter how hard life hits him or her
  • cultivate an unshakeable character to always do the right thing, to respect the family, and to be respected by others
  • develop the growth mindset to embrace and expect failures and to treat them as opportunities to improve

Developing Crucial Skills & Problem Solving Abilities

To live a happy, successful, and fulfilling life children need to learn early how to take the most out of their time. They have to understand the basic principles of peak performance as they transition into adult life. And the sooner they start the better.

That's why the next 4 episodes are designed to develop crucial planning skills and become disciplined and being creative at the same time.

The story continues... If there is someone in the whole world capable of helping the kids overcome this unsurmountable challenge, it's a couple of adults accompanying them. Having been nominated as the most talented and hard working teenagers at the national level almost two decades ago, both colonel James Anderson and agent Pamela Brooks spent the next 19 years becoming super achievers and great problem solvers.

They waste no time after the crash. Both adults understand that the only way to accomplish the mission is to build a brilliant high-performing team of incredible achievers in record time. Because there is no other choice but to find the secret base and resume the operation.

And it's not an easy job because the young people are totally overwhelmed with everything that has happened to them over the last few weeks. The unexpected crash doesn't help with improving their morale either. They simply don't believe it's possible to find a way out of this mess.

In addition, there is something strange about the island. As the kids embark on this survival journey, this mysterious place unveils its old and unexpected secrets...

What's in it for my child and me? If you want your children to live a happy life without being stuck 24x7 in an unfulfilling and low paid job or business, you must help them to introduce a productivity workflow in their life from the young age:

  • set goals properly to always aim for things that truly matter in their personal life, career, or business
  • plan intelligently and systematically to see the goals and dreams come true
  • introduce productivity workflow to stick to important routines on a daily, monthly, and quarterly basis
  • fail fast to prevent wasting time on the wrong things for too long and to find the right direction much faster

Raising Champions In Times Of Uncertainty

Whether at home, in school, at university, on the job, or in a business environment today's fast paced world demands too much in too little time. Those children who undrestand how to prioritize things that truly matter and how to ignore everything else will become financially independent and will achieve this elusive work life balance. They will also help their parents by staying closer and taking care of them when the time comes.

Everyone else will be merely surviving day-in and day-out due to the fierce competition, job automation, and global economic uncertainty.

Let's see how the story unfolds in the next 3 episodes of this blockbuster training to help young participants master the skill of insane prioritization...

The story continues... Immediately after the crash both colonel Anderson and agent Brooks worked with the kids on getting full clarity, setting goals, and planning their next moves. What came out of that exercise is the decision to split into 2 groups.

The group led by Pamela will stay close to the crash place. Their main mission is to find the missing equipment and hack access codes to the secret base. Meanwhile the second group will focus on locating the perfectly disguised base in the middle of the island. As both teams struggle to achieve their goals, they have to laser focus on truly important things and ruthlessly eliminate everything that doesn't matter to make up the lost time due to unforeseen circumstances.

And just when Anderson's group finally finds the secret base, the leader is seized by the unknown forces. This huge and unexpected twist becomes a major turning point in the whole story. Everyone understands that in order to save the colonel they must take their game to the next level...

With the pressure mounting by the minute, a few emotional dramas unfold as we continue uncovering the backstories of the main characters.

The group of young people share their struggles from the past. Things like academic struggles, bullying, online safety, video games addiction, unhealthy eating, weight problems, low self-esteem, racial inequities, risky disco parties, stress, and constant arguments with parents.

But most importantly they share practical steps on how they overcame those struggles. They improve each other. They forgive themselves and others for making mistakes in the past. They transform from a disjointed group of individuals to an amazing team of respectful young people.

What's in it for my child and me? Life becomes much easier for everyone in the household when children master the skill of prioritizing what's really important and what's not. After completing these three episodes children will learn to:

  • use the 80/20 rule to achieve more with less time in household chores, homework, assignments, exams, and other projects
  • focus on ONE thing at a time to save willpower and to get things done without being frustrated and irritated
  • tackle the "ugliest" task first to always have enough time for those tasks that truly matter

In addition, they continue cementing an unshakeable character as the backstories of the main characters are unveiled along with step-by-step improvement instructions for both kids and parents.

Protecting From Robots Taking Over The Jobs Market

With the ever-increasing demand for replacing human jobs with robots, the future is only bright for those kids who learn how to solve critical problems. Who excel at leading with passion. Who demonstrate excellent emotional intelligence skills. Who outsmart and outshine the machines.

Both corporate and business landscapes are changing rapidly to favour the professionals with incredible mental capacities and excellent interpersonal skills. All other jobs will soon be flooded with robots. And the ruthless robotics revolution has already started. And it's only going to get tougher from here for humans...

But it's a good news for those parents who make the smart move now. Who decide to invest in raising irreplaceable minds to secure a stable and prosperous future for both their kids and indirectly for themselves.

Let's go back to the story to see how this training helps parents raise future champions the machines will never be able to replace...

The story continues... As the group led by the abducted colonel Anderson returns back to deliver both good (finding the base) and bad (losing the leader) news, the other group is fighting their battles.

Already overwhelmed with the mind bending challenge of hacking access codes to the secret base, Sergey is unable to say NO to multiple interruptions coming his way. One of the most popular requests he is getting nearly every day is helping the rest of the team secure the area. A huge sea monster is terrorising the group by constantly disrupting the underwater search operation aiming to fetch critical equipment sunk in a crash. To get back on the right track Pamela helps him delegate some tasks to Jennifer and Nicholas things improve dramatically.

Finally, when the team re-unites they decide to embark on a very dangerous journey of saving colonel Anderson. And that's where it gets very interesting. Overcoming insane obstacles on their way, the young "warriors" fight the final battle with an unknown enemy with mysterious powers...

Do they have what it takes to save Anderson? To break into the secret base? To finally find out what the secret mission is? What this mysterious island is? And why it was them who were chosen?

What's in it for my child and me? When children develop the skill of optimising time they automatically add another layer of protection from robots taking over the jobs market. They become immune to global economic downturns. They develop the skill of prospering in the fast paced and competitive world full of fierce competition.

  • stop multi-tasking to boost academic results, excel in sports and areas of special interest, become more patient, and eliminate tantrums
  • master the art of saying NO to eliminate such undesired behaviours as disrespect, low self-esteem, online safety negligence, video games addiction, early pregnancy, bullying, and other problematic areas. And to have more time for constructive activities such as building the character, reading, and developing personally
  • delegate effectively to create a healthy environment at home with kids saving¬† time for parents, helping with chores, and assisting with raising siblings
  • eliminate interruptions to develop a better focus and to become less irritated when things don't go their way
  • batch related tasks to save time and introduce structure to their daily routines by combining related activities together
  • find large chunks of time to achieve more with less time in all facets of their life

Do you think the above skills will also help your kids become irreplaceable problem solvers as they grow up and enter the workforce or start their own business?

Step 3 - Be Proud For Their Results

Every child deserves to live a happy, successful, and fulfilled life. To have less bad days and less struggles than you. To have more "My Best Day Ever" days in his or her life.

To be immune to constant changes in the fast paced world. To be protected from robots and automation taking over jobs.

To build a successful career or to run a bulletproof business. To raise a great family. To make a difference. To leave the legacy.

And to be forever grateful to you for your hard work in getting them there. To truly care about you throughout the whole life. To spend more time with you. To support you when you get much older.

Sounds Interesting?

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