Rock-Star Performer
An Innovative Training Platform For Individual Employees

Do You Care About Building a Successful Career?

If you only had one shot at building a successful career (which you do) and being capable of delivering insane results in your life how would you go about it?

  • Getting a coach to motivate yourself for a couple of days, make you laugh, feel good & enjoy the experience? And to immediately forget everything and never apply the new skills in the workplace?

  • Buying a boring online course? And then rolling your eyes going through the same one-size-fits-all academic material disregarding your previous experience, skills, and unique personal needs?

  • Relying on indifferent managers at work to shape your character, nurture your peak performance habits, and develop critical problem-solving skills?

  • Just hanging in there doing nothing and hoping you would be given this dream job or role without doing anything?

No. It would be insane.

So, what would a thoughtful individual do instead to build an incredible career, find a dream job, be promoted, get a pay rise, and to become irreplaceble always-in-demand professional?

How to Get a Great and Highly Paid Job or Role

She would look for a result-driven peak performance training platform with the following characteristics:

  • Easy to apply in the workplace due to stickiness. It's been proven that Simple, Unexpected, Credible, Concrete, and Emotional StorieS (SUCCESS) make people remember concepts like nothing else.

  • Wrapped in a breathtaking blockbuster movie everyone enjoys to experience. Why not to make training engaging and interesting like movie producers do? Enough boring slides and "talking heads"! Who said productivity and career training must be boring and daunting?

  • Designed as an interactive game to get you addicted to acquiring and reinforcing the new vital skills. Just like video game producers get our kids addicted. Get yourself addicted to good stuff for a great reason.
  • Highly adaptive to ensure your individual needs are met by only providing the most relevant parts as you go through the program. Ruthlessly eliminate everything else that is irrelevant to you based on your responses and comprehension of the material.

    For example, if someone is overwhelmed with billions of distractions does she care about writing effective emails at this point in her career? Of course not. The number ONE skill would be mastering how to eliminate interruptions and how to say NO.

  • Each training module is tailored to your goals. Not the goals of your organization and your manager. Your goals. Because it's your life.

    And yes, it goes against all ego-driven industrial era corporate principles. But think about it. Who do people care about most? Organizations they work for or their families? You are the person who must benefit from training. Jobs and roles come and go. You stay. Think about it.

    If you perform at work while having a balanced lifestyle, all aspects of your life will improve. Your family will be happy. You will be happy. Your manager will be happy. Your team will be happy. Your organization will be happy.

    Win - Win - Win - Win - Win

    Seen 5 Wins before? :)
  • Visual reminders. Use physical and electronic posters as visual reminders and mighty activators of the desired behaviour and as essential habit formation tools.

  • Effective automated follow-ups to make this blockbuster peak performance movie never end. And to keep improving and getting better all the time.

  • Ready-to-use scenarios. Become a facilitator in your team if you want to. Just like a "peak performance blockbuster producer". Grow yourself and advance your career by helping the team to grow further. Why not help others grow with you?

Peak Performance On Demand

  • Each module contains a visual and concise summary infographic for lighting fast recap in minutes. Some people even use it with their kids and other family members

  • Forget about boring PDF transcripts no one wants to read. "Replay" any peak performance module in your mind in a matter of seconds

  • Recap the whole program in less than 5 minutes through a visual infographic compilation.

  • Continue sharpening your peak performance skills on demand, wherever you are and whenever you want

Where would you rather be?

Stuck in a Boring Job?

  • Being stuck in a job or role you dislike
  • Being underpaid
  • Not being valued and respected
  • Putting off fires all the time
  • Not seeing your family enough
  • Having no work/life balance
  • Feeling stuck & tired


Being Happy and In High-Demand

  • Finding a dream job or getting an exciting role
  • Being paid more than average
  • Being irreplaceable and in high-demand
  • Being in control all the time
  • Having time for your family & friends
  • Enjoying the right work/life balance
  • Being happy & feeling empowered

Answer the below questions honestly. No one is watching.

Do you hate Mondays and can't wait for Fridays? Do you feel like you are a hostage of your own job and circumstances? Do you come to work for a pay cheque? Do you continue to struggle day in and day out at work and can't wait to leave? Maybe you are working too much? Not seeing your family? Not having enough time to get into shape and be healthy? Not getting understood? Not seeing the light at the end of the tunnel? Losing faith? What about your enthusiasm? Is it still there? Is there a hope?

There is no need to play hide and seek with yourself. Be honest. No one is around judging the answers coming from your mind. It's safe here.

Do you believe it's possible to turn it upside down, find a better job, be promoted, and get a pay rise?

Do you think you can reclaim your life back and spend more time doing things you truly love?

Great news if you think it's mission impossible.

We don't know if this platform can help you or not. We would need to know more about you. Your unique problems & pains. Your background. Your story. But what we know for sure is...

All of us have only 1 shot at this life.

So, why not to spend the next 10 minutes to find out if this program can help you break through and be happy at work and at home?

600 seconds of your life.

Why not to see if you can turn it all around?

Let's see if it will work for you...


Immerse Your Team into a Secret Mission

First Peak Performance Blockbuster Ever

Story begins Team "Treasure" is assigned a simple interstellar mission. Their goal is to deliver a cargo to a galaxy far, far away...

On the 27-th of January 2047 mission specialist Jessica Smith accidentally discovers that 37 towns were completely wiped out in "preparation" for their departure. 278,000 people went missing. The three major rivers in the US, China, and India dried up overnight. With absolutely zero coverage in the media. No single mention in social networks either.

She can't wait to share the shocking discovery with team. Only to realize that...

...she is immersed in a weird container filled with a freezing cold purple liquid... Multiple wire leads are connected to different parts of her body... It's cold and shivering... A strange cable is plugged into the back of her neck. "What is going on?", she screams while her whole body is shaking ferociously...

When she finally unplugs herself, she finds the whole crew in cryogenic sleep. They are on their way to the mysterious galaxy Z-37. And no one has a clue about what had happened on Earth before their departure...

What's Going On!?

Want to find out how it all unfolds? Everyone we show this page does. You will find the answer in one of the sections below.

In the meantime, try to remember as many details as you possibly can from the above story without re-reading it again. We bet you remembered a lot:

  • wiped out cities and dried up rivers
  • silenced media and social networks
  • Jessica immersed into a strange container with a freezing cold liquid
  • wire leads plugged to different parts of her body
  • the cable protruding from the neck
  • the rest of the crew in cryogenic sleep

You might not remember the exact numbers like 278,000 missing people in 37 towns. Or that the liquid was purple. But you can vividly tell this story to your friends in a few days from now.

How did we do that? How did we make you remember it without even trying?

How We Hooked You

Remember the 6 sticky principles? We used the SUCCESS formula explained above to engage you. And from now on you are hooked. You want to know how this innovative peak performance training works.

Don't you? Maybe you even want to complete it yourself? What about your team members? Even your own family?

And we are just scratching the surface here. This is just one ingredient of this innovative peak performance eco-system. You got it right. It's not your ordinary boring productivity training. It's a living and breathing eco-system your team will love to be immersed into. It's like watching a blockbuster movie. Just that it happens to be result-driven, engaging and interactive. Did we say life-changing yet? :)

Think About the Impact

Wouldn't it be nice if peak performance training could be extremely engaging, interesting, and sticky? Such that people willingly want to complete every single piece by themselves without being pushed?

Wouldn't it improve your life? How would it affect your career, your personal life and your family if you could become an irreplaceable team member? Always in demand no matter what the economy is? Always being able to deliver much more in less time through this training?

Remember this program is highly adaptive. It's designed to take into your account previous experience, your current comprehension and your unique needs.

In other words, it's extremely relevant. Because no one is the same. Experience the future of training now.

Let's look at the building blocks one-by-one.

Module 1 - Establishing Productivity Workflow

Set SMART Goals

Story continues When the president storms into Miranda's room, the head of the National Space Agency understands that the matter is critical. She is the 7-th person on the planet to find out what's coming...

Faced with the unsurmountable challenge she gets grey hair overnight. The talented and hard working leader is devastated. In her mind there is no way to deliver what Mr. President has asked her team to do.

"How on Earth is this even possible?" she cries. "Why me!? Why now!?". She calls the head of the country next day and tells him the truth: "Even the craziest dreamers in her agency never thought about something like that", she says politely.

But the president gives her no other option. It's either this way or... Well, there is no "or". And Miranda understands that. But still refuses to believe...

Behind the scenes We explore how Miranda's team:

  • fails to set goals properly at multiple levels in response to this global catastrophe challenge
  • gets together to understand what went wrong and how to turn it around
  • course corrects by setting SMART goals properly and eventually succeeding at keeping the hope of saving the human race alive

Why care? Multiple research studies have proven that most teams and individual employees fail to deliver due to not setting goals properly.

A great career and insane reputation can be built by mastering the skill of setting and aligning goals properly.

Introduce Productivity Workflow

Story continues James is torn apart by thousands of interruptions a day. As a result, his team fails to deliver a critical shield technology for the newly designed space craft.

Looking for answers he meets Bruce and Rose - a couple of highly respected retirees who help him design his own productivity workflow and to transform both him and his teams.

But it's too late... A controversial decision is made to sacrifice astronauts lives to deliver the cargo on time. Ruthlessly suppressing the truth, the government officials force the launch to proceed.

Knowing that the crew has no chance to survive the carnage, James manages to secretly load 775 kilos of special equipment onboard. He has an idea that might save their lives...

Behind the scenes We reverse-engineer James' critical mistakes:

  • not having a clear day structure
  • not planning weekly and daily
  • not reviewing weekly and daily
  • getting overwhelmed with thousands of distractions
  • and other problems related to a lack of productivity workflow

And we also discover how to:

  • eliminate the chaos
  • bring crystal clarity to daily operations
  • get the most out of each day with the least amount of energy spent

Why care? If we don't structure our days we react and firefight. We let the unexpected to take over. We work extra hours. We don't see our families. Our morale sinks.

We lose. Our families lose. Our managers lose. Our teams lose. Our organizations lose.

Lose-Lose-Lose-Lose-Lose. Five of them.

Plan Intelligently

Story continues On 17 November 2023, in Alaska, a fishing enthusiast George Carter catches a strange capsule in the Situk river. One of the 12 devices inside looks like a USB stick. He plugs it into his computer and finds a recorded video message.

Without telling anyone, he urgently flies to the National Security Headquarters in Washington to tell the officials about his shocking discovery. Under no circumstances he is allowed to talk about this matter with anyone. On the way back to the airport his bus explodes. Terrorists are blamed for the attack...

In 36 hours after the world's most significant discovery, all 8 major powers get together for an emergency meeting. A gigantic worldwide secret project is kicked off straight after.

The most brilliant minds from all over the world are brought in. Some forcefully. There is no space for failure. They roll out the OKR system (objective and key results) and train every single team to work towards the same major goal that must be achieved no matter what it takes.

Behind the scenes We continue engaging your team members through this captivating blockbuster story. This time we decompose the best planning methodologies:

  • introducing the same OKR system that is used in major successful companies such as Intel, Google, Apple, Amazon and many others
  • mastering weekly & daily planning for laser focusing on what matters
  • adopting weekly & daily reviews for preventing unpleasant slippages

Why care? Not having the OKR system or not implementing it properly disconnects teams and people. They don't work towards the same objectives and they don't feel like what they do matters.

Another common problem addressed in this module is a lack of proper planning at the individual level. When team members operate in chaos without weekly and daily planning, projects get derailed and products don't get delivered.

The result is a dreaded feeling of working for yet another average company that drifts nowhere. And there is nothing worse than a feeling of being a useless bolt in a broken machine...

Module 2 - Collaborating Effectively
Organize Effective Meetings 1

Organize Effective Meetings

Organize Effective Meetings 1

Story continues Previously... A mysterious video message delivered to the National Security HQ triggers a gigantic international project with the code name "Z-37". The president of the United States personally meets Miranda and appoints her a program director responsible for the delivery of a one-of-a-kind spacecraft.

Their goal is to design and build a supersonic marvel to carry a crew into the new galaxy - a journey considered to be impossible up until now. "With all the respect, Mr. President, but we can't get anywhere close to this goal in the next 100 years" Miranda exclaims. But when the president shows her a fragment from the secret video message she accepts the new role immediately.

As the president leaves the room, Miranda asks her last question: "Are you absolutely sure, Mr. President, that we have to re-route 3 rivers?" she asks. "No. Re-routing is not an option", replies the head of the White House. "We have to stop them completely. This is the only way to get what we need to build this ship..."

But Miranda's first days in the new role are far from ideal. Having never encountered so much responsibility, she makes a few crucial mistakes. Organizing a few excruciatingly damaging meetings is just one example of multiple omissions on her side...

Behind the scenes Our main goal is to save an enormous amount of time by eliminating the unnecessary from the meetings:

  • too many attendees
  • no clear agenda
  • derailed conversations
  • multi-tasking
  • no clear outcomes and actions
  • and many more "meetingitis" problems

The goal is for your team to get into the habit of running the necessary meetings only. Zero overhead and laser focus is what we are aiming for. To boost its effectiveness, the module is spiced up with a little bit of humor making you laugh while mastering the critical skills at the same time.

Why care? Useless and poorly organized meetings demotivate teams and make everyone bored. They also destroy the sense of urgency and steal meaningful purpose.

Great meetings help teams deliver more with less time. They enable focus and remove obstacles. They make you much happier at work. And people respect you for either running effective meetings or being effective when other people run their own (often ineffective) meetings.

Write Effective Emails

Story continues James will never forget the rainy night of Tuesday, 25 April 2023. He was just informed that the Z-37 mission will launch in exactly 12 months as planned despite his multiple requests to postpone the launch. He knows the crew stand no chance of surviving the whole flight without the shielding technology project completed.

James vividly remembers how he ignored that critical warning from Jasmine's email approximately 8 months ago which led to a series of excruciating mistakes. He blames himself for not having enough patience to read the whole thing after going through the first 17 sentences of multiple unrelated messages that seemed like a rant. But the truth is, approximately 97% of all emails he gets are like that: completely non-actionable long texts with multiple unrelated messages inside and without clear purpose.

"How could I possibly miss it! I should have read the whole thing" - he exclaims after re-reading the dreaded email over and over again.

But it's too late...

Behind the scenes Continuing to be captivated by the mind bending story, you understand the true price of blasting ineffective emails. You learn how to write relevant, concise, single-purpose and actionable emails that deliver concrete results in the workplace.

Why care? Not everyone realizes that the ability to write effective emails is one of the most important skills to have to improve the work/life balance and build a successful career. Even fewer people believe it can be done in a fun and easy to follow way.

Mastering this vital skill is not only a big WIN for you personally but also a huge advantage for your team and the whole organization for that matter.

Wouldn't it be nice if people looked forward to your actionable and to the point emails? And when they would reply and follow up?

Manage Inbox

Story continues As the head of the Human Performance Team James is still overwhelmed. Even with his new productivity workflow that Bruce and Rose helped him to put in place. So, he calls for the wonder couple to help him again.

The 3 of them get together and quickly find the weakest element in the chain: in addition to numerous (and often ineffective) meetings James has to handle approximately 950 emails a day. And quite a few of them are of critical importance for the success of the whole mission.

When Rose and Bruce put in place a specific system for handling the inbox in the most effective and efficient way, his levels of stress drop immediately. His once lost decision making ability is back.

He finally feels in control again.

Behind the scenes Everyone deserves to be protected from one of the worst enemies of a happy workplace: a daily influx of ruthless emails.

When it comes to handling emails there is no one size fits all solution. If you are in a support role your interaction with emails is quite different to someone who doesn't need to reply often. That is why this training is designed to meet your individual needs to dealing with emails in the most effective way based on your own situation.

Why care? Most organizations fail to address macro problems at micro levels and they pay a huge price for that.

The main challenge here is that it's hard to justify the return on investment for making people much more effective and efficient at handling emails. But it's not a rocket science.

  • Just imagine helping 1 person to reduce the number of emails by 1 a week
  • 1 email x 5 recipients x 50 weeks = 250 less distractions a year
  • What if he drops the number of emails by 10? 2,500 less distractions
  • And if 100 people become more efficient it's 250,000 less distractions a year!

Assuming that each distraction is 10 minutes only, it boils down to 41,667 hours or 5,208 working days or 23.67 years of saved time each year for 100 people. And we haven't even taken into account the effectiveness of handling incoming emails. Welcome to the world of macro efficiency through micro improvements.

How much time can you save for other things in your life that matter when you master this vital skill?

Introduce a Collaboration System

Story continues The success of the whole mission largely depends on Jasmine's team to build the first cryogenic capsule. Just 4 months ago, no one would even dream about this incredible technology capable of putting astronauts into hibernation for 17 years to prevent ageing.

But when George Carter found a strange package in the Situk river everything has changed. The contents of the message he discovered is strictly classified. Even engineering leads have no idea where they came from and what they are. They simply follow the instructions from the message on how to build the first ever cryogenic capsule.

That's why Jasmine's team has to patiently wait for the 3 mysterious materials to be extracted from the bottom of 3 major rivers. Unknown to human race up until now, these mysterious liquids must be mixed together to form a special gas that will flow in cryogenic capsules to keep the crew asleep.

But this project is special. They face a huge seemingly unsurmountable challenge. In order for the mix of liquids to work they have to constantly experiment and try different variations. The 3 rivers are from 3 different continents. In addition to that the engineering teams are located all over the world. Simply relying on emails won't cut it. The collaboration must be perfect to deliver under extreme pressure and with unreasonable time frames.

Behind the scenes As the story unfolds in a very unpredictable way, we help you understand the importance of introducing and/or using properly the appropriate collaboration tools instead of relying on heaps of tangled email traces and outdated spreadsheets.

You master how to:

  • choose the right collaboration tools
  • structure and manage the information properly
  • eliminate overwhelm from daily operations

Why care? In the world of total overwhelm the skill of organizing and managing valuable information allows for delivering more in less time and finding this elusive work/life balance.

The steps you took today to complete a task will not be as clear in just a few days. After a few weeks they will be mostly forgotten. And in just a couple of months they will evaporate from your memory. "Use it or lose it" they say.

But it doesn't have to be this way. Introducing effective collaboration systems will systematize the most crucial processes and will capture the most critical information. This leads to better results and more relaxed life style.

Module 3 - Prioritizing

Use the 80-20 Rule

Story continues When Jessica finds herself immersed in a strange container with wire leads connected to her body, she barely understands what's going on. The last thing she remembers is getting hibernated just like the rest of the crew a few hours before the launch.

She immediately decides to report back to Earth but after 14 unsuccessful attempts to contact the control centre, she finally realizes something went terribly wrong. The communication system has stopped functioning. Her first instinct is to wake up the rest of the team. But what if they are still nowhere close to the destination!? If she wakes everyone up now, the whole team will age long before they arrive.

The brave astronaut decides to follow the 80/20 rule instead. She only wakes up two people who, in her opinion, will make the most important impact. The rest of the crew is still asleep to keep the chance of accomplishing the mission alive.

Choosing Charlie and Jennifer was obvious. Charlie is a communications engineer. And Jennifer is... a junior software engineer... But... With the mind of a CEO. Understanding and constantly applying mental models in the most critical situations helped her get the reputation of one of the sharpest decision makers in the National Space Agency. Can the three of them figure out what's going on?

Behind the scenes As we explore Jessica's critical thinking skills we introduce one of the most important aspects of peak performance: The 80/20 Rule. And we do it in a memorable and fun way:

  • the reinforcement module is interactive
  • it's designed to let you try different scenarios and observe possible outcomes
  • you explore what would have gone wrong had Jessica decided not to use the 80/20 rule
  • remember, productivity training doesn't have to be boring!

Why care? Both teams and individuals often get overwhelmed with the amount of choices. And even if they heard about the 80/20 rule it doesn't get applied consistently. Getting into this habit is paramount though to ensure the best possible outcomes are achieved with the least amount of effort.

In the fast paced world full of fierce competition, no individual who wants to enjoy a secure and highly paid role can afford to waste company's time and money. Understanding and consistently applying the 80/20 rule will make a huge difference to the outcomes of any project or program you will work on. And this will make you invaluable.

Focus On One Thing

Story continues When Jessica, Charlie, and Jennifer re-unite to solve an extremely critical problem things don't look good.

Upon quick examination Charlie discovers that he will be unable to fix the communication system by himself. Both the equipment and the software components have been tampered with. Shockingly, by an unknown wrongdoer.

Both Jessica and Charlie turn to Jennifer for an answer. The young critical thinker quickly takes them through a couple of mental models: "The 2-nd Order Effects" and "The Inversion Principle". They quickly realize they must act fast.

While there are a few options available to them, the time is their main enemy. That is why the trio decide to focus on ONE thing instead of spreading themselves thin. Jennifer's mental model toolbox proves to be invaluable for making this critical decision fast.

Behind the scenes Not only do we master the indispensable skill of focusing on ONE thing at a time (at different levels of project development), but we also introduce you to mental models: a unique set of tools the most curios minds will love exploring on the side outside of the main objective.

Why care? The attention span of an average person has shrunk significantly over the last decade and it's only going to get worse from here.

If you want to deliver insane results while staying sane, your only option is to laser focus on what matters. On ONE thing at a time. The one that makes everything else irrelevant or unnecessary.

Tackle The Ugliest Task First

Story continues Three months prior to the departure of the main ship a special back-up and repair fleet had been launched. The 29 space ships were loaded with 300 tons of special equipment. With 275 brilliant engineers onboard this crew is capable of solving almost any problem imaginable.

Their goal is to establish a troubleshooting and repair point on a suitable planet half way through. Upon landing, they would settle down and would go into a hibernation sleep to be ready for a visit of the main crew in the unlikely case of emergency.

That is why when the three crew members from the main mission discover they've lost the ability to communicate with Earth, they decide to focus on ONE thing only. To locate the repair point and to get the spacecraft fixed.

Having brainstormed multiple ideas they decided to focus on the "ugliest", most difficult, and most important task first that would deliver insane results as fast as possible. And it doesn't feel comfortable at all: they need to find the exact location of the planet the repair crew has landed on.

Behind the scenes By experiencing the unexpected, you go through the motions with the main characters of this blockbuster story. Our main goal is to get this crucial productivity principle internalized: always pick the most critical and unpleasant task first that is outside of your comfort zone.

Why care? Most people would rather tick 9 unimportant tasks out of 10 because they are simple and easy to do. And this one task they never seem to get to is always:

  • the most important and critical one
  • the one that will move the needle instead of just feeling good
  • the one the success of the whole project depends on

The reason it rarely gets chosen first is that it takes the person out of their comfort zone. Not only do they not grow as a result but both the team and the organization suffer because of that.

And guess what? You don't advance in your career either...

Module 4 - Optimizing Time

Stop Multi-Tasking

Story continues 12 October 2030. The main ship lands on the purple planet used as a repair station. The three crew members: Jessica, Charlie, and Jennifer initiate an emergency wake-up procedure to wake up the 275 hibernated engineers. The space craft needs some serious work done to repair the damage made in the first part of the journey.

Dave Watson, a brilliant mind appointed as the chief engineer of the repair crew, has barely been accepted by psychologists. Known as a control freak he had driven a lot of great people crazy in the past by his totalitarian habits.

David wastes no time to establish himself as "the centre of the Universe" controlling everything and everyone. Even those people who can deliver great outcomes without being micro-managed. As a result, he spreads himself thin due to be involved in all repair streams running at the same time:

  • producing a medicine to save the lives of Jessica, Charlie, and Jennifer
  • installing a space radiation shield in the main ship
  • adding a radiation protection layer to all space suits
  • repairing the communication system

Not surprisingly Dave soon overstretches himself to the point of total disintegration due to a lack of sleep caused by a never ending stream of work. One of the major reasons he never evolved into a true leader is his lack of awareness on the true costs of multi-tasking. David considers himself an invincible hero who can do it all. Little did he know what's going to hit him in just a couple of days...

Behind the scenes Not only do we discover the true cost of interruptions in this module but we also spice it up with the toxic environment of micro-management to prevent those participants who have leadership ambitions from making costly career mistakes.

Why care? Understanding the negative impacts of multi-tasking will help any person or any team to produce much better results with less effort leaving more time for their families. Instead of being overstretched and overstressed at work.

Master the Art of Saying No

Story continues 18 years ago, just a year prior to the launch of the main mission, the spacecraft design team failed to deliver a proper body design. Only a few people on the planet knew the astronauts wouldn't survive the exposure to space radiation.

Fast forward to now.

Ever since she was woken up as part of the repair emergency procedure, Jasmine has been working 24x7 on delivering the space radiation shielding solution that would protect the crew for the rest of their journey.

Her life is far from ideal. David interrupts her every 15 minutes asking for reports, updates, and providing 'guidance' on how to proceed. He stretches the talented and hardworking engineer beyond her limits and doesn't let her think for herself. Every action she takes is monitored and criticized. She is a typical YES person who feels obliged to fulfil every boss's desire without questioning. At the expense of her own personal life.

But then one day everything suddenly changes. It's been 2 weeks since Jasmine has been asking to schedule a catch-up call with her family. She's been away from Earth for 17 years and her beloved kids have grown up by now. When she asks one more time if she can have a quick 15-minute call David explodes in anger and declines her request. "Who cares about the family!?", cries the single man who has never had kids.

"That's it, I've had enough!", shouts Jasmine. "I quit! You finish this project yourself, tyrant!" she continues in agony. Without understanding it, she reaches the point called "The day that turned my life around". And no one could possibly predict what was about to happen in 48 hours from now...

Behind the scenes We spice this part of the story with high arousal emotions for much better retention. Most importantly we get you to think through the real costs of always saying YES and overloading yourself to the point of complete disintegration and disbalance.

Why care? One of the most important characteristics of a high-performing team or a high-performing individual is the ability to assess and challenge the incoming requests when necessary.

In this part of the program we highlight a number of typical problems in highly dysfunctional teams. And we demonstrate how these problems lead to excruciating disasters.

We help you internalize the importance of saying NO at the right time and in the right way.

Delegate Effectively

Story continues Dave hasn't been himself for the last 48 hours. The dictator would always keep the best parts of all projects to himself and would never share much with the team. He thought he was invincible. Not until the story of not letting Jasmine connect with her family went viral.

Unable to keep up with the mounting pressure, on the third sleepless night he gets hit with a stroke. His body couldn't longer cope. After saving his life, the doctors denied his attempts to get back to work. They told him if he wanted to live he had to change.

After 7 days of non-stop reflection Dave decides to relinquish control. He realizes he's had "an inner child" deep inside who was hurt badly in the past. The painful memories controlled his actions all along. He wanted to prove to the world he was worthwhile. And is it often happens he went too far and got lost. It took a life threatening event to put things into perspective and finally let the team flourish.

Bruce and Rose, the 2 experienced retired executives, help him introduce a delegation system into his operations. He is relieved. He has never been so happy in his life after letting his desire for total control go. The team is performing like never before. And Jasmine is back after re-uniting with her family.

Behind the scenes The story says it all. We continue uncovering the ugly side of people with a fixed mindset who:

  • hate to be challenged
  • hate to fail and admit their own mistakes
  • hate smart people around them
  • prefer working with silent colleagues unable to speak up
  • suppress and undermine their colleagues and
  • take credit for other's people work

It's critical to understand the direct connection between people with the fixed mindset and the inability to work effectively.

But it's also critical to know that such people can change. The transition from a fixed mindset to a growth mindset has been done by many successful people who wanted to advance their careers and be respected.

Why care? Individuals pay a huge price by having people who are both unable to delegate and who can't be delegated to. A poor delegation culture makes teams dysfunctional, plummets engagement levels, and reduces staff retention significantly.

Those who master the skills of how to delegate or how to be delegated to thrive in the workplace and advance their careers fast.

Eliminate Interruptions

Story continues With Dave's transformation into a true growth mindset leader a number of opportunities open up for talented and hardworking team members. That's why Jane steps up for a critical challenge. She needs to retrofit space suits with a special material to protect astronauts from space radiation in the final stage of the mission.

As Jane works on the so much needed improvements, she doesn't realize she is about to derail the whole mission due to the way she operates. What she fails to notice is that she is constantly interrupted in multiple ways:

  • instant messages, emails, text messages, and calls
  • personal interruptions
  • social network updates
  • notifications from different apps
  • her own negative thoughts
  • multi-tasking
  • a lack of a productivity workflow
  • and other interruptions

On one of such occasions when she is distracted again, Jane fails to notice a critical test deviation alert. This leads to a major flaw in the design of the new enhancement.

17 years later she discovers that all astronauts on the main mission died as a result of this major mistake. Thankfully this was only a simulation as part of the final testing.

This emotional experience impacts Jane at a deep level. Had this defect gone unnoticed by the other team she would have been responsible for a major disaster. Enough is enough! She declares a war on interruptions and wants to become a super focused performer. She has no idea how this decision will positively impact all other areas of her life.

Behind the scenes Not only do we help you understand the negative consequences of interruptions at the workplace but we also make you aware of how all other areas of your life will improve once you've mastered this crucial skill.

We also explain that the results will not come instantly. Bad habits can't be destroyed or replaced at will. It requires hard work and dedication. And we provide a unique system that helps you remove the unnecessary interruptions as fast as humanly possible.

Why care? Organizations, teams, leaders, and individuals all suffer from the 'interruption storm' disease. A lack of focus is never measured and this presents a huge problem. What is the cost of one insignificant interruption? Like an email sent to 20 recipients? No one cares.

But if someone was to examine individual and team performance closely they would be shocked to find out that more than half of working time is stolen by interruptions and having to recover the context.

No wonder companies fail to compete in the modern world full of lean and highly innovative startups. No wonder people have to work ridiculous hours to make things work and to keep afloat. No wonder there is no work/life balance.

Are you the one who will help the team show the elephant in the room?

Find Large Chunks of Time

Story continues Batching related tasks didn't work perfectly for Kevin at the very beginning. When he first started using this principle he quickly realized there wasn't not enough time to complete a batch in one go. If he doesn't make it work, he won't be able to save the three astronauts.

The legendary "Triple-C" couple came to the rescue again. Bruce and Rose take a closer look at Kevin's productivity workflow and are stunned to find out how many interruptions he gets every single day. His largest time block is only 7 minutes. "That's ridiculous!", Rose shouts empathetically. "Stop checking everything you do with Dave!", Bruce exclaims with passion.

Kevin has long been in the habit of triple checking with his boss just in case. He was a typical victim working for a micro-manager with the fixed mindset. The young scientist was petrified to make a mistake. And that's why he kept making more and more of them all the time.

After 3 weeks of using this highly efficient way of working, Kevin breaks through with a solution. Shortly thereafter Jessica, Charlie, and Jennifer showed the signs of improvement. The have been healing gradually and they are on the right track to recover completely in about 3 years time.

Behind the scenes Not having large chunks of time in a day results in poor performance and makes people tired. When a day is broken into small short pieces it's impossible to focus and deliver something meaningful. The result is often devastating: no energy is left for anything else outside of work. Who wants to keep coming back to work every day in an organization like that?

Why care? Most people can't find a dream job, don't get a promotion, or fail at securing a pay rise without understanding the main reason: the inability to focus long enough on things that truly matter. Those people who don't get it might find themselves stuck in a low-paid job for the rest of their life.

In the world of constant distractions and non-stop chaos, mastering the ability to work without deviating your energy in millions of directions is priceless. And your employer will value it. Meaning you will be on a fast track to a successful and meaningful career.

Module 5 - Solving Problems

The Journey Never Stops

Story continues In the last module the team finally reaches the galaxy Z-37 to deliver the mysterious cargo.

And that's where it gets really interesting.

When the crew discover the true purpose of their mission they...

How It Unfolds Congratulations if you made it that far. That means you are special:

  • You get it...
  • You know the time has come...
  • To break through...
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This program is based on the works of the most recognized authors who helped dozens of millions of people achieve more in much less time. The most important peak performance principles, methodologies and techniques have been deconstructed, filtered, re-assembled, and significantly enhanced in a modern, innovative, and engaging way.

Brian Tracy

Brian Tracy

Jim Rohn

Jim Rohn

Kelly McGonigal

Kelly McGonigal

Zig Ziglar

Zig Ziglar

David Allen

David Allen

All of the above authorities (as recognized by ordinary people and not some institutions) spent their lives exploring the subject of developing outstanding peak performance skills and living much simpler and more fulfilling lives. Wouldn't it be great to draw on their experience?

Wouldn't it be great to find a dream job, get a promotion, or secure a pay rise? All while being treated with respect and feeling valuable?


Why use this format?

People are wired for remembering interesting and emotional stories. That is why we chose and successfully tested the SUCCESS formula explained above. Here is why this format works so well:

  • It's not your usual boring productivity training

  • It's a simple, concrete, and emotional story

  • It's not even a story. It's a blockbuster movie

  • It's not even a movie. It's a captivating and interactive experience

  • It's not even an experience. It's automatically reinforced learning with the desired knowledge instantly burnt into participant's memory

Welcome to the future of learning... And by the way... This is just the beginning...Stay tuned...

How long does it take to complete this training?

This training is organized in micro e-learning modules that are automatically adjusted based on person's previous experience as well as current challenges and needs.

That means different people will complete the program in different time frames based on their unique situations.

And because this is a self-paced training it can be completed in as little as a couple of days or in as much as a year.

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