"Unstoppable Mind"
Innovative Peak Performance Training For Individuals

Fast Results In Your Life

  • If you only had one shot at changing the course of your life what would it be? Getting a better paying job, breaking through in business, or finding this perfect diet that works?


    It would be your mindset: the ability to perform at your peak levels despite severe storms every person goes through. Get it right and everything else eventually clicks into place over time

  • What does it take to reclaim your life back, free time for your family, and enjoy growing a successful career or business? The answer is simple: actionable, step-by-step program designed specifically for those individuals who want to take massive action in the right direction from day one

  • Enjoy a unique experience of developing the mindset of an unstoppable peak performer in your own life through this innovative training program

Engaging & Effective Training That Sticks

Designed as a game this program makes you want to complete more and more modules until all of them have been ticked. Here is why:

  • Simple, easy to follow, and actionable material deliver tangible results from the very first week of the journey

  • Engaging videos with animations explain concepts such that they stick in your mind

  • Multiple mindset "weapons" are available for each area making it easy to eliminate chaos, get full clarity, stop worrying and start living and performing at peak levels in all facets of your life​

  • Practical and actionable step-by-step assignments include crucial graphics from videos making it very easy to retain information and recap at will without having to re-watch videos over and over again

Peak Performance On Demand

  • Each module contains a visual and concise summary infographic for lighting fast recap

  • Forget about boring PDF transcripts no one wants to read. Replay any peak performance module in your mind in a matter of seconds

  • Recap the whole program in less than 5 minutes and get inspired over and over again

  • Continue sharpening your mind and honing your peak performance skills on demand, wherever you are

Where would you rather be ?

Stuck In Life

  • Overwhelmed, overworked, and constantly tired
  • Not having enough time for family & leisure
  • Experiencing financial hardships
  • Not knowing what to do next to breakthrough
  • Being depressed & feeling hopeless



  • Refreshed, enthusiastic, and full of energy
  • Having time for your family, friends, and leisure
  • Being financially independent
  • Having full clarity on what to do to keep winning
  • Being happy & feeling empowered

Do you feel like you are a hostage of your own life and circumstances? Maybe working too much? Not seeing your family? Not having enough time to get into shape and be healthy? Not getting understood? Not seeing the light at the end of the tunnel? Losing faith? What about your enthusiasm? Is it still there? Is there a hope?

There is no need to play hide and seek with yourself. Be honest. No one is around judging the answers coming from your mind. It's safe here.

Do you believe it's possible to break through in life such that it works like a well oiled machine without you constantly firefighting? Do you think you can reclaim your life back and spend more time doing things you truly love ?

Great news if you think it's mission impossible.

We don't know if this program can help you or not. We would need to know more about you. Your unique problems & pains. Your background. Your story. But what we know for sure is...

All of us have only 1 shot at this life.

So, why not to spend the next 5 minutes to find out if this program can help you break through in life ?

300 seconds of your life.

Why not to see if you can turn it all around?

Let's see if it will work for you...


Module 1 - Inspire The Mind
  • Discover the path to breaking through in life. No matter how hard you work every day not seeing the people you love and not having enough time for this well deserved vacation, if you are moving in the wrong direction you will waste years of your time. As a result, it will be next to impossible to build a life of your dreams. The first step, therefore, is to understand where you are right now in your mental game and what specific steps you need to take to re-program your mind with abundance, clarity, and clear vision

  • Set inspiring goals that will take you through difficult times. Master the process of setting goals to deliver results, overcome inevitable emotional slumps down the road, and stick to the plan

  • Understand how to get insane results with this program. Find out why it's designed as a game with a series of insightful videos, actionable step-by-step assignments, and summary infographics. Why do we place such a huge emphasis on making this program so visual? What difference does it make? Get inspired about observing tangible results in your business and personal life on a weekly basis
Module 2 - Understand The Mind

Master The Priceless Mind Model 

Once you understand this simple mind model invented in 1934 by a genius doctor you will never look at your life the same way again. Here is the proof.

Answer the following questions: 

  • How do you open your fridge? From left to right or from right to left?
  • What color is your car?
  • Imagine someone you love, how do they smile?

Easy? What about these ones: 

  • How does your mind look like?
  • How does your mind work?
  • How does your mind generate results?

Unsurprisingly, 98% of the people have zero idea on how to answer these questions. Sadly, all of them will die without even asking themselves how their mind works. You are lucky to get asked this question today.

Because once you understand how the mind works it will make perfect sense why people like Steve Jobs, Elon Musk, Bill Gates and other ultra successful people build extremely successful lives.  

Understand The Enemy 

There is a war. The war in your mind.

  • Are you winning or losing the war?
  • How does it affect your business and your personal life?
  • Who are the main participants in the mind battles that happen every single day inside of your mind?
  • Which forces need to be eliminated?
  • And which ones are to be protected?

We took the priceless mind model invented back in 1934 and significantly enhanced it by introducing the concept of mind battles with the following participants:

  • Intruders
  • Blockers
  • Underminers
  • Powers

Once you understand this powerful concept you will be ready for the next step...

Win The War 

  • Discover the plan of attack for eliminating self-limiting beliefs, poor self-image, and a lack of faith from your mind that have been holding you back all this time

  • Enjoy the results by playing this game and win one mind battle at a time until you instil unlimited self-belief in your ability to ​live life on your terms

  • Develop the bulletproof mindset capable of overcoming emotional slumps and being able to take massive action day-in day-out to get the results you want in career, business, and personal life
Module 3 - Protect The Mind

Stop Worrying And Start Living

  • Stop travelling to your past and to your future to worry about things that don't matter. Understand how to live in the moment by breaking both past and future worry cycles

  • Release dozens of years of productive and enjoyable time by mastering these 7 effective weapons for eradicating worries from your life

  • Complete a step-by-step process to clean your mind from all worries and to leave space for things that matter. Get full control back and find incredible amount of extra time for building a career, getting into shape, developing business, and spending more time with the people you love

Reject Unconstructive Input

  • Understand the 3 sources of negative input your mind is exposed to every single day

  • Get inspired by calculating how many years you will save by learning to reject unconstructive input

  • Master the 4 effective weapons designed to dissipate any negative input coming from people, technologies, and your own thoughts

  • Learn to prevent the same mistake 98% of the people make every single day when they talk to themselves. Avoid ruining your career, business, health, and personal life by changing the inner language you use

  • Every day stand guard at the door of your mind to prevent it from garbage input. Only allow for constructive material and thoughts to get inside of your mind in order to design the life of your dreams and get this passion back

Keep Performing During Emotional Slumps

  • Make it a habit to combat inevitable emotional slumps caused by tiredness and low energy levels and continue delivering results while not being at your best

  • Learn one important recipe top achievers use to combat tiredness and cope with low energy levels when things don't go their way. Understand what Elon Musk, Steve Jobs, Will Smith, and other ultra achievers do when they have extremely difficult periods in life (all super stars understand this recipe and use it every single time they need to battle through difficult times)

  • Introduce 7 powerful tools into your life that will automatically take you through difficult days when you feel extremely tired, exhausted, and demotivated
Module 4 - Reset The Mind

Forgive The Past

  • Release yourself from the mental prison of living in the past. Liberate yourself from worries about the past to achieve your goals much faster and to enjoy living your life to full extent always having time for people and things that truly matter to you

  • Forgive yourself for your own mistakes, failures, and rejections. Use the "Worry Evaporator" tool to save years of your life by liberating yourself from worrying about your misfortunes from the past and letting go of past mistakes. No matter how painful your story is, stop travelling to the past once and for all

  • Forgive other people who hurt you in the past. Use the 5 powerful techniques to forgive those people who hurt you in the past and never think about those painful experiences again. Master the art of letting go and focus all of your efforts on ​getting tangible results in ​career, business, health, and relationships

  • Rekindle your personal life by eradicating time travels to the past step by step using one proven system that works

Master Emotions

  • Understand the 2 powerful forces in your mind that constantly compete against each other making it impossible for most people to achieve anything significant career and business, ​let alone in life

  • Replace the most destructive negative emotions with extremely productive counterparts. Use the "Emotions Conqueror" system to save years of your precious time by acquiring insane emotional intelligence. Stay cool in the most heated and dramatic situations both in the place of work and in your personal life. Invest years of saved time in ​things and people that matter to you

  • Become a role model for your family members by controlling your emotions and spending time contributing to the development of your loved ones instead fighting, arguing, and being involved in unconstructive debates

Conquer Environments

  • Identify all environments and triggers that lead to huge losses in income and time while deteriorating your relationships. Use the "Environment Detective" tool to get full clarity on how to save precious time on things that matter the most

  • Master the 4 weapons for protecting your time and income when exposing yourself to challenging environments and unreasonable behaviours of negative people in your life. Neutralize unreasonable reactions of others with respectful and composed responses without losing your temper

  • Recognise and prevent crucial events derailing your life. Protect your career, business, health, and family from unexpected emotional outrages. Become bulletproof to anything that tries to destroy your calm state of mind and always be in control of your own destiny
Module 5 - Re-program The Mind

Charge Your Mind

  • Take full control of your business and personal life by understanding the 2 main forces in your mind that are responsible for all results (or the lack of them) in all facets of your life

  • Master the essential principle of living from the inside out using the "Charge Your Mind" tool. Never again let your conditioning, circumstances, and current results dictate how to live your life or how to feel about yourself ​and your results in life

  • Develop unshakeable confidence to push through all obstacles achieving insane goals in ​all areas of your life

  • Develop a powerful self-image to hit your goals no matter how much resistance you get. Use the "Self-Image Booster" system designed to get you to hit goals like torpedoes hit their targets. Get into the state of using self-correcting mechanism to achieve the results you want regardless of how much you have failed in the past or how much uncertainty there is right now in your life, career, or business

Take Off

  • Discover the 5 essential mind powers every person owner must possess to break through in life. Develop these skills to persevere, focus, and take massive action towards achieving your goals

  • Understand the difference between the life-cycle of fear and the life-cycle of courage. Become aware and use the 7 steps process every successful achiever understands to push through a wall of resistance and get tangible results regardless of circumstances and your current results ​

  • Destroy the most powerful enemy of personal growth. Identify and eliminate all fears that hold you back and prevent you from discovering and taking the most effective steps in the right direction

  • Master the skill of laser focusing on things that matter the most. Discover the most important skill all super stars use every day to keep hitting goal after goal regardless of their rate of failure


  • Understand why 999 out of 1000 people fail to break through in life. Learn the incredible truth about the way we operate to save 40% of your time while you are ​not sleeping

  • Replace sabotaging non-productive habits with extremely useful behaviours by using 1 incredibly powerful technique to raise your energy levels, boost self-confidence, and deliver tangible results in your life day in and day out

  • Lay out a solid foundation for accelerating results in all facets of your life. Perform at your peak levels regardless of circumstances, conditions, and your results from the past. Live your life fully until the last second on this planet no matter how old you are


12 monthly payments of


  • Instant results from week 1
  • Step-by-step actionable program
  • Lifetime access to free upgrades
3 monthly payments of


  • Instant results from week 1
  • Step-by-step actionable program
  • Lifetime access to free upgrades


This program is based on the works of the most recognized authors who helped dozens of millions of people transform their lives. The most important principles, methodologies and techniques have been deconstructed, filtered, re-assembled, and significantly enhanced in a modern, innovative, and engaging way.

Bob Proctor

Bob Proctor

Jim Rohn

Jim Rohn

Louise Hay

Louise Hay

Zig Ziglar

Zig Ziglar

Earl Nightingale

Earl Nightingale

All of the above authorities (as recognized by ordinary people and not some institutions) spent their lives exploring the subject of developing the mind and living fulfilling lives. Wouldn't it be great to draw on their experience?

And what about at the most trusted and successful super stars, athletes, and entrepreneurs?

If you take a closer look you will notice one thing all of them have in common. They all worked very hard on developing an unstoppable mindset capable of overcoming insane obstacles.

If you read their stories you will be amazed. Explore their lives and get shocked on how many rejections, failures, and mistakes they had to overcome to eventually succeed.



Dwayne Johnson

Dwayne Johnson

Oprah Winfrey

Oprah Winfrey

Richard Branson

Richard Branson

Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie

And here is the best thing: you too can achieve significant results in your own life. While you might not become extremely famous you too, believe it or not, can achieve things you currently think are out of reach.

All you have to know is that it's possible. It takes time. It's not easy. But it's doable.

Remember your best day ever? Why not to start designing your own success story today? Why not to create a life with many more days like that? ​

"It all sounds good" you can say. "But these super achievers are not real people!"

True To an extent... But... In reality... Not really... They are not aliens, are they?... But anyway...

Regardless of whether or not you agree they deserve what they have, being aware that they worked hard on improving their mind liberates. It gives hope. If others went through this journey you can do it too.

If you are still not sure, let's look at the other side of the spectrum. Not a bunch of super famous people. But a few ordinary folks like you and me who took a leap of faith.

Let's see what they have to say.


Irene K.

Online Business Owner

Melbourne, Australia

This program delivered massive results for me and my family

I can't imagine living without the outcomes this program brought to my business and my personal life. This rare gem has totally transformed my business and the whole family in many unexpected ways.

I am exhilarated to report I am finally back to the driver's seat and I took full control of my business and my personal life.

Insightful and actionable, the program is organised as a game with multiple levels which makes it very entertaining to complete from start to finish. Even my kids got interested in watching it and they kept asking a lot of great questions along the way! That's unstoppable mindset training for the whole family.

When I first enrolled into this program I thought it would only impact my business but what I realised is that performing at peak levels in business simply can't be separated from other areas in life. It's all interrelated and if you don't sort out your personal life you will never achieve your best results in business.

The best part is that you can literally recap the whole program in less than 5 minutes. Every single module has engaging summary infographic that helps you recall the material in a matter of seconds. Forget about boring PDF transcripts from other online courses no one wants or has time to read again. This program will make you come back over and over again because repetition is the key and it's so easy to storm through 20 visual infographic summaries. That's peak performance and mindful living on demand when you need it most!

In my opinion, this is by far the most comprehensive mindset training out there. If you want to enjoy every single day living a passionate life, running a successful business, building a solid career, getting into shape, and becoming a true role model in your family this program is for you.

Peter Dellavedova

Former ATP player, professional tennis coach

Innovative peak performance training that sticks

As a professional tennis coach and a former ATP professional player, I know exactly what it takes to achieve the elite level of performance. That is why I highly recommend this program to any individual who wants to break through in life by taking massive action, getting into their peak performance state, and becoming the best version of the themselves in all facets of their life.

I have never seen such an innovative and visual mindset training that sticks in your mind as you complete each module. It's almost like taking the best books on mindset and peak performance, extracting the best parts from all of them, and presenting these ideas in a totally unique way. The concepts of "mind forces" and "battles in your mind" alone are totally worth the investment as it will stay with you for the rest of your life.

All I can say is that this is a highly actionable, visual, and comprehensive peak performance program designed to deliver results that stick. If you are prepared to work hard and see it through, expect to declutter and re-program your mind, unleash your full potential, and get tangible results in your life.

Ganesh Doddi

Agile Coach

Designed by people who care

In 2011 I decided to take a leap of faith to completely change my life from being employed as an engineer to becoming a highly sought after consultant, a lifestyle I had dreamt about for a long time. I knew I needed some help to get there. So, I decided to take a plunge and go through this massive and uncomfortable change in my life.

I didn't know what to expect when I first got started but I am so happy I got involved! This program helped me to:

  • understand what's happening in my mind

  • get full clarity and set incredible goals

  • become focused and productive

  • sky-rocket my self-image and take massive action with confidence

  • make the whole family much happier & wealthier in many ways

Fast forward to now, and I am one of the happiest people on Earth doing what I had dreamt about for ages. I have become a confident warrior and a true role model for my kids. My whole family is grateful for this result-oriented peak performance experience that literally turned my life around (apologies for the cliche but that's how I feel).



My intelligence and abilities are limited. How can this program possibly work for me?

That's exactly why you need to invest in this program.

If you think you don't have what it takes to break through in life you are blessed. Multiple research studies proved that:

  • Your ability to break through in life doesn't depend on your current bank account balance, education, or intelligence

  • Your current results are determined by how much time you've spent on developing the mind. None? Great! Time to break through.

  • If you doubt yourself, it's totally normal. Most people lack the crucial power of the 'growth mindset'. We equip you with this power in the 'Re-program The Mind' module.

If you are unhappy with your current situation consider what Jim Rohn once said: "You are the average of the 5 people you spend most of your time with". Who are these people in your life?

This program is built using hundreds of years of experience of the best mind development experts from the past. Not today's 'fake experts' you will find all over the place.

Time to break through in life by associating with authentic authors who helped millions of people?

Do you offer refunds?

This program is designed for people who got to the point of "enough is enough":

  • Enough struggles

  • Enough financial stress

  • Enough toxic relationships

  • Enough anger

  • Enough living in fear

  • Enough self-limiting beliefs

The people who are hungry for change. The ones who believe there is something missing and they can do much better in all facets of their lives.

Therefore, we offer no refunds.

If you have thoroughly explored how this program works and you are still hesitating it's better not to be involved. Chances are this program is not for you.

We don't want to sell our programs to people who don't need them. Who don't want to take action. Who jump from one bright shiny object to another and never finish anything. If you want serioius changes in your life you have to be ready to take serious action. And this program will help with that.

We want it to be a win-win. And we already have hundreds of happy people who transformed their lives through this program. And it will only get better and better as we evolve this program over time.

If you are not sure, browse this website, see what we stand for, get a feel of what our vision is and what our values are, and then make a decision on whether or not you want to be associated with us.

Remember what Jim Rohn said: "One person, one opportunity, one door you decide to open can change the trajectory of your life forever". Ready to work hard to create more "my best days ever"? Time to break through? Welcome to our community!

How does this program compare to 1:1 coaching?

To match the effectiveness and coverage of this program you must find an exceptional coach and take at least 20 sessions with her. That means:

  • Working with a coach will cost you 20 sessions x $200 each = $4,000 package compared to $497 investment for this program.

  • Considering we live in the era of fake experts, what will happen if you get scammed by a so called coach? An army of them have been trained to sell high-ticket packages by manipulating your feelings. And most of them won't deliver. What if you get a fake coach and he or she will waste your money?

  • If you took the time to explore this page and looked inside the program you already know if it's the right choice for you or not. You already know what we stand for and if you can trust us.

  • You can recap this program in 15 minutes any time you want, anywhere by referring to our effective summary infographics. When a coach is gone, he is gone. Need to recap? Open your wallet again.

  • You get life time access and free upgrades for the rest of your life. This program is our lifetime passion. And this is the 3-d major revision already. And it will only get better and better over time. We have been continuously improving and evolving. No coach will offer you lifetime access with free upgrades.

Ready to join?

I can't afford it. Do you have any discounts or can I get it for free?

If less than $2 dollars a day (on the '$47 x 12 months' payment plan) seems like too much...

Consider the true cost of:

  • Living an unhappy life, arguing with family members and other people, and feeling angry

  • Having a job you hate and/or being controlled by the worst manager ever

  • Being surrounded by negative or cynical people dragging you down

  • Not being able to buy or pay off your own house or apartment

  • Living from paycheck to paycheck and struggling financially

  • Being overweight, unfit, and judged all the time

  • Remembering your childhood as the only happy time in your life

  • Not going for your dreams because of fears and self-limiting beliefs

What is the true price of all of the above?

What if you could:

  • turn it all upside down?

  • significantly increase the number of your best days ever?

  • develop an unstoppable mind capable of designing a happy, healthy, and wealthy life?

All, for roughly 1 dollar and 50 cents a day in the next 12 months only?

Maybe you should start asking a different question instead:

Can I afford not to invest in this program?

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