"Unstoppable Seller"
Ethical Sales Training For Coaches & Authors

Unstoppable Ethical Seller Program

Enjoy Selling More and Be Respected

  • To succeed in sales in the new era you have to sell differently. Gone are the times of pushy sleazy techniques designed to deceive clients into buying coaching offerings they don't need

  • These days you have to sell differently to ensure your prospects respect you, chase you, and buy from you

  • To succeed in sales as a coach and to enjoy the process along the way you need to sell your product or service 8 times out 10, not 1 out of 100. And to do that you need a great product or service that delivers results.
Unstoppable Ethical Seller Program

Fall in Love With Sales

Fall in love with sales

If you are like most of other coaches or authors you probably hate salespeople because no one likes to be lied to and manipulated.

And this belief destroys your own ability to sell effectively. To raise your prices. To outperform your competition. To earn what you truly deserve.

The question is....

Is it possible to fall in love with sales?

Is it possible to enjoy the process while getting insane results sleazy and pushy coaches never even dream about?

Can you or your team members be respected and perform at peak levels when selling coaching services and products?

Welcome to the world of falling in love with sales in your coaching business.

Fall in love with sales

Where would you rather be
as a coach or author?

Struggling With Sales

Struggling in sales
  • Chasing prospects and begging them to buy
  • Being sleazy, salesy, and pushy
  • Charging low prices to win their approval
  • Struggling with getting new clients
  • Having no clarity on how to sell consistently
  • Overwhelmed, overworked, and constantly tired
  • Not having enough time for your family & friends
  • Not being able to take a well deserved vacation


Empowered By Sales

Empowered by sales
  • Being chased by your prospects
  • Feeling confident & honest when selling
  • Raising your prices without the fear of being rejected
  • Having more quality clients than you can serve
  • Using a step-by-step repeatable sales process
  • Refreshed, enthusiastic, and full of energy
  • Having enough time for your loved ones
  • Taking this dream vacation without feeling guilty

There is no need to play hide and seek with yourself. Be honest. No one is around judging the answers coming from your mind. It's safe here.

Do you feel like you are a hostage of your own coaching business? Maybe working too much? Not seeing your family? Not being able to take this well deserved vacation? Not getting understood? Not seeing the light at the end of the tunnel? Losing faith?

What about your enthusiasm? Is it still there? Is there a hope?

Do you believe it's possible to raise your prices, sell more with less time, and have more time for things that truly matter? And feel good when selling your coaching products? Do you think you can reclaim your life back and spend more time outside of your business?

Great news if you think it's mission impossible.

Because it is. You can raise prices and sell more in less time in an ethical way without having to lie, beg, and convince your future clients.

You see, all of us have only 1 shot at this life.

So, why not to spend the next 7 minutes to find out if this program can help you build a successful coaching business?

7 minutes = 420 seconds of your life. What do you think?

Why not to see if you can turn it all around?


Intro - The Mindset of Effective Selling
Begin with the end in mind

Begin With The End In Mind

Begin with the end in mind

We start the program from the end. That's right, this is the most effective way to get results fast:

  • Understand the fundamentals of high-performing selling without being sleazy and pushy

  • Become a coach people love to buy from - separate yourself from sleazy coaches everyone hates

  • Begin with the end in mind - understand why and how clients buy before delving into the details

Understand Why Clients Don't Buy

Why people don't buy

Once you understand why clients don't buy you will never look at selling coaching services the same way again. It will become obvious why everyone hates pushy or indecisive coaches and what behaviours you must avoid to be a highly respected seller:

  • why trust is important and how most sales people not only fail to establish trust, but also break it instantly the moment they start selling

  • how neglecting this one golden rule of sales in coaching instantly evaporates clients' desire to purchase

  • why overwhelming a client is one the biggest mistakes most coaches and authors make

  • how sales pressure is created and how it ruins the sale in a matter of seconds

  • a blind spot you need to be aware of to prevent wasting time on people who would never become clients
Why people don't buy
Why salespeople fail

Understand Why Coaches Struggle In Sales

Why salespeople fail

Undeniably, most coaches hate selling. And you can't succeed if you don't love what you do. But it doesn't have to be this way. Prevent making excruciating mistakes and enjoy selling your offerings day in and day out:

  • destroy the fear of selling - enjoy sales as much as the most exciting parts of your coaching business

  • stop focusing on this one thing that destroys your sales - understand why telling is not selling and why it always leads to losing a sale

  • eliminate the chaos - stop losing sales due not having a repeatable system that works like a clock

Make More Sales In Less Time

Make more sales in less time

Learn what one thing you must focus on to start making sales consistently and without fear:

  • become effective in selling your products and services by focusing on just one thing

  • understand why the most successful coaches and authors adopted this one principle all super athletes use when competing

  • boost your conversion rates overnight once you start using this principle
Make more sales in less time
Become consistent in sales

Become Consistent Day In and Day Out

Become consistent in sales

To succeed in sales as a coach you need a working system such that you get the results consistently time after time:

  • Inverse the famous 80/20 productivity rule to boost your sales without changing anything else in the process

  • Learn this one skill to eliminate sales pressure and bring this burning desire in your prospective clients to hire you

  • Understand why you do NOT have to be an outgoing and enthusiastic person with outstanding communication skills to succeed in selling your services and to stop coming across as sleazy and pushy

  • Raise your prices without changing your product or service and get your clients chase you instead of ignoring and rejecting you

Understand Why & How Clients Buy

How and Why People Buy

Explore how clients buy and what happens in their mind as they decide to commit to your services or programs:

  • Understand what clients want and how their minds work when making purchasing decisions. This awareness alone will boost your results even if you don't do anything else to improve your sales skills

  • Discover a common denominator of success all most successful coaches have

  • Master the "The Traffic Light Of Sales" process to help your potential clients decide to commit
How and Why People Buy
Phase 1 - Ignite The Client
Eliminate Sales Pressure

Stage 1 - Eliminate Sales Pressure

Eliminate Sales Pressure

The very first thing you want to accomplish in a sales conversation with a prospective client is to eliminate the sales pressure.

Don't do it and your chances of getting a new client drop below 1%. Which means you need to have 100 conversations to get 1 client. Ugh... Yuck!

In this part of the program we master this crucial skill of instantly building trust instead.

Stage 2 - Ignite a Burning Desire to Buy

Ignite a burning desire to buy

The next step is to ignite a burning desire in client's mind to solve his problem through your product or service. That is, if he has a problem to solve in the first place. If not, you disqualify him immediately to not waste any time where there is no sale to be made in the first place. Your time is too precious to waste. Period.

Ignite a burning desire to buy
Understand problems and pains

Understand Their Problems and Uncover Pains

Understand problems and pains

Telling is not selling. Learn the importance and master the skill of gathering critical information from your prospect by asking the right questions and listening to what they have to say.

  • Understand why talking about your features and benefits will destroy your sales and why almost all of your prospects will continue rejecting you

  • Learn the exact formula on what to do instead. Master the skill of staying low-key and listening to your client convince herself to buy from you instead of being pushy and nervous

  • Master the skill of getting your customers convince themselves on why they need your coaching program or service

  • Explore real life coaching sales conversations with the explanation on what's going on and why

  • Use single page inforgraphic sheets to apply the skills immediately and to recap any time on demand within seconds

Help Clients Imagine a Better Life

Help them imagine better life

The next step in the process is to help your future clients see a better version of themselves with your program or service to amplify a burning desire to hire you.

  • Learn this one effective technique to help them realize how much your offering will improve their current situation

  • Let them want your coaching service or product badly without being pushy or salesy. See them convince themselves on why they need to buy from you and not another coach. And why now and not later

  • Continue staying low-key by asking the right questions and by opening the emotional gate towards the sale
Help them imagine better life

Cement the Desire to Buy


The next step is to get the prospect to commit seriously.

  • Ask this one question to further solidify their desire to hire you or to buy from you

  • Let them convince themselves on why they need your offer now to significantly reduce refunds caused by buyer's remorse

  • Effectively disqualify disengaged prospects to protect your time and move on to your dream clients
Phase 2 - Present Your Offer

Now that the prospect has been ignited and his desire to buy is at its peak, it's time to present your offer in the most effective and efficient way to seal the deal.

Get it wrong, and all the work you have done so far is wasted.
Do it right, and the customer is locked.

In this part of the program we master a simple 3 step process to present your offer by framing the features and benefits of your solution to match the exact needs of the prospect.

Remember, there is no manipulation. This program is not for those coaches or authors who want to make a quick buck and run away and who don't want to deliver a great product or service! We don't want to help scammers sell things people don't need.

That is why we only teach you present your offer if it can truly help people solve their problems.

Step 1 - Eliminate the Pain

Eliminate the pain

The first step in the process of presenting your offer to the prospect is eliminating her problems and pains:

  • Boost your conversion rates with the "Traffic Light of Sales" formula when eliminating your prospect's problems and pains

  • Understand why traditional sales methods stopped working a long time ago and why this ethical non-pushy sales process is the only way for you to succeed as a coach or author

  • Explore real life examples highlighting the exact words to use when presenting your offer. Nothing is more effective than listening to a real life example of a coaching sales conversation.
Eliminate the pain
Check for acceptance

Step 2 - Find Out If the Prospect is Ready to Buy

Check for acceptance

Now that you've presented your program or service, it's time to ask this critical question to understand what to do next:

  • Find out if the prospect is ready to buy without scaring her away

  • Do it right and the sale is much closer without too much effort

  • Do it wrong and the sale is lost even if you know your prospect will benefit greatly from your offering

  • Find out what to do next: whether to finalize the sale or to start overcoming objections

  • Understand why you should create a small artificial obstacle for those prospective clients who are ready to hire you or to buy from you right away

Step 3 - Overcome Objections

Overcome objections in sales

When an objection is raised it's time to celebrate! That means your prospect cares about the offer but is afraid to proceed. It's critical to master the skill of eliminating objections without being needy, pushy, and salesy:

  • Eradicate the fear of having to deal with objections and make it your favourite part of the sales process

  • Understand the importance of NEVER arguing, convincing, begging, or manipulating your potential clients

  • Never make this simple mistake all sleazy coaches do to alienate their "never-to-become" customers

  • Master the 3-step formula for overcoming any concern in an ethical and pleasant way

  • Let the prospect convince himself that he needs your offering while staying calm and confident
Overcome objections in sales
Phase 3 - Finalize The Sale
Close the sale

When you master this new selling system many of your clients will commit to your product or service by this point and your job is done. Congratulations!

But there will be cases when the prospect is not quite ready yet or a formal approval is required.

Do you just let them go? Not at all! It would be crazy!

You have already built so much trust, don't waste this prospect. Convert him instead through an actionable and simple follow-up plan:

Close the sale
  • Understand one simple formula to convert such prospects into raving clients

  • Know what to say to get them to the next step in the sales process

  • Follow up effectively and without being needy and pushy

  • Explore real life example of coaching sales conversations to understand the process and put it into perspective
Finalize the sale

That's it the sale is made.

  • How would it feel to help clients solve problems through your offer without having to become a sleazy salesperson in your coaching business?

  • What difference would it make if you were able to raise your prices and be respected by your clients?

  • How would your life change if you could boost your conversion rates and sell more in less time?

Are you ready?

Finalize the sale


12 monthly payments of


  • Instant results from week 1
  • Step-by-step actionable program
  • Lifetime access to free upgrades
6 monthly payments of


  • Instant results from week 1
  • Step-by-step actionable program
  • Lifetime access to free upgrades

Why This Program?

Proven result-driven training

A Proven Result-Driven Training

This program has been carefully designed based on the dozens of years of combined experience of the most respected high-performing sales people out there. Not your typical salesy, sleazy, pushy lairs and manipulators using old traditional ways of selling that stopped working a long time ago.

My clients and I personally tested this program for 3 years with both successes and failures and collectively we came up with the answer to the new era of selling challenge where people's trust is at a critical low.

If you want better results in your coaching business you have to introduce better systems to follow. And if you or your team struggle with bringing more sales and raising prices the system must be designed in a very specific way:

  • Simple, easy to follow, and actionable step-by-step modules deliver tangible results from the very first week of the journey. The skills are reinforced with laser focused assignments designed to get you results in the shortest time frame possible

  • Engaging videos with animations explain concepts in a way that make it stick in your mind without having to repeat the material over and over again

  • From the very first module and until the very last multiple peak performance "weapons" are available for each area. That makes it easy to eliminate chaos, get full clarity, stop worrying and start living and performing at peak levels in all facets of your life, not just your coaching business

  • Practical and actionable step-by-step assignments include crucial graphics from videos making it very easy to retain information and recap at will without having to re-watch videos over and over again

Real Examples Boost Your Income Faster

A real coaching sales conversation example is used in the program as a memorable story to put things into perspective and spice it up. This helps you acquire crucial sales skills much faster with much less effort.

In addition to explaining the process in a visual and easy to memorize way, every single part of this step-by-step selling system takes you through a real sales conversation story between a coach and a prospective client. Each module continues the sales story highlighting different scenarios you will face in real life.

Throughout the program you get to know the main characters and you experience this sales journey with them along the way. Welcome to the very first coaching sales movie program!

When it comes to memory and retention, multiple research studies have proven that nothing works better than stories because our brains are wired to remember them like nothing else.

Real sales conversations
Sales skills on demand

Sales Skills On Demand

  • Each module contains a visual and concise summary infographic for lighting fast recap

  • Forget about boring PDF transcripts no one wants to read. No more boring online courses! Replay any module in your mind in a matter of seconds

  • Recap the whole program in less than 5 minutes and get inspired over and over again

  • Continue sharpening your coaching sales skills on demand, wherever you are and whenever you want


My intelligence and abilities are limited. How can this program possibly work for me?

That's exactly why you need to invest in this program.

If you think you don't have what it takes to finally start selling more at higher prices and with less time you are blessed. Multiple research studies proved that:

  • Your ability to become an ethical seller people love to buy from doesn't depend on your current bank account balance, education, or intelligence

  • Your current results in business are determined by how much time you've spent on developing your communication and sales skills. None or not enough? Great! Time to break through.

  • If you doubt yourself, it's totally normal. Most coaches do. We believe in you.

If you are unhappy with your current situation consider what Jim Rohn once said: "You are the average of the 5 people you spend most of your time with". Who are these people in your life?

This program is built using dozens of years of experience of the best ethical sellers. Not 'fake experts' who motivate you for a few days and teach you to close people with old techniques that don't work anymore.

Time to break through in life by associating with authentic authors who helped thousands of coaches raise prices and fall in love with sales?

Do you offer refunds?

This program is designed for coaches who got to the point of "enough is enough":

  • Enough struggles

  • Enough financial stress

  • Enough being terrified of selling

  • Enough not been able to focus on what truly matters

  • Enough living in fear of losing your coaching business

  • Enough being afraid of having to go back to work for someone else

  • Enough self-limiting beliefs

The entrepreneurs who are hungry for change. The ones who believe there is something missing and they can do much better in all facets of their lives by becoming much more effective at sales or by helping their team to do so.

Therefore, we offer no refunds.

If you have thoroughly explored how this program works and you are still hesitating it's better not to be involved. Chances are this program is not for you.

We don't want to sell our programs to people who don't need them. Who don't want to take action. Who jump from one bright shiny object to another and never finish anything. If you want serioius changes in your life you have to be ready to take serious action. And this program will help with that.

We want it to be a win-win. And we already have quite a few happy coaches who transformed their businesses through this program. And it will only get better and better as we evolve it over time.

If you are not sure, browse this website, see what we stand for, get a feel of what our vision is and what our values are, and then make a decision on whether or not you want to be associated with us.

Remember what Jim Rohn said: "One person, one opportunity, one door you decide to open can change the trajectory of your life forever". Ready to work hard to create more "my best days ever"? Time to break through? Welcome to our community!

How does this program compare to 1:1 coaching?

To match the effectiveness and coverage of this program you must find an exceptional ethical sales coach and take at least 20 sessions with him. That means:

  • Working with a coach will cost you 20 sessions x $200 each = $4,000 package compared to $497 investment for this program.

  • Considering we live in the era of fake selling experts, what will happen if you get scammed by a so called sales coach? An army of them have been trained to sell high-ticket packages by manipulating your feelings. And most of them won't deliver. What if you get a fake and he or she will waste your time and money?

  • If you took the time to explore this page and looked inside the program you already know if it's the right choice for you or not. You already know what we stand for and if you can trust us.

  • You can recap this program in 15 minutes any time you want, anywhere by referring to our effective summary infographics. When a coach is gone, he is gone. Need to recap? Open your wallet again.

  • You get life time access and free upgrades for the rest of your life. This program is our lifetime passion. And this is the 2-nd revision already. And it will only get better and better over time. We have been continuously improving and evolving. No sales coach will offer you lifetime access with free upgrades.

Ready to join?

I can't afford it. Do you have any discounts or can I get it for free?

If less than $4 dollars a day (on the '$97 x 12 months' payment plan) seems like too much...

Consider the true cost of:

  • Living an unhappy life, arguing with family members and other people, and feeling angry due to not having enough money

  • Not seing your kids or not spending enough quality time with them

  • Being stuck in your coaching business and having to work 24x7

  • Being surrounded by negative or cynical people dragging you down

  • Not being able to buy or pay off your own house or apartment

  • Struggling financially and not being able to take this well deserved vacation

  • Not being able to focus on what truly matters in your business and constantly procrastinating

  • Remembering your childhood as the only happy time in your life

  • Not going for your dreams because of fears and self-limiting beliefs

What is the true price of all of the above?

What if you could:

  • turn it all upside down?

  • significantly increase the number of your best days ever?

  • become an unstoppable coach capable of designing a happy, healthy, and wealthy life?

All, for less than 4 dollars a day in the next 12 months only?

Maybe you should start asking a different question instead:

Can I afford not to invest in this program?

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