A Missing Piece In Building a Powerful Coaching Business
Save Years & Dozens of Thousands of Dollars

Why This Offer?

If you are a coach or you want to become one chance are:


  • You woke up and realized there is more to life than paying bills and dying at the end.  You want to make huge impact and leave the legacy while making enough money for your desired life style

  • You have been trying to make your coaching business work but there is simply too much to do and there seems to be no light at the end of the tunnel. Maybe you've wasted years of your life and tons of money on scams like webinars, funnels, marketing, ads, website design, SEOs, online course creation platforms, guru programs, and other things that distracted you from your main goal of leaving the legacy

  • You wish you could automate your business so you can have bigger impact, boost your income, and work less hours but you simply don't have a working step-by-step action plan on how to get there

  • You want to leverage your time and get access to a ready-to-use automated income stream (without taking more clients because you are already overwhelmed) by referring people to innovative and engaging personal development programs and getting paid for that

Who Is This For?

This platform ​works for:

  • ​Established coaches who want to make bigger impact, earn more and work less

  • Newbie coaches who want to leave the legacy and create a powerful coaching business without wasting years and dozens of thousands of dollars on bright shiny distractions that are out there to make someone else rich ​

  • Used-to-be-coaches who had to put their dream on hold and switched to network marketing or returned to the perceived safety of a full time job instead

What Is It?

  • This is an all-in-one platform for all your coaching needs that scales with you as you grow your business

  • It includes a healthy mix of done-for-you services such as creating success journeys. We don't use this ugly word 'funnels' because it has no soul in it and it suggests you catch your customers like a fish. You can do better than that by creating customer success journeys instead. And we will help.

  • It's your entry to the world of building highly profitable and successful coaching business. It is our mission to help passionate coaches break through.

Where Would You Rather Be?


  • Overwhelmed, overworked, and tired
  • Not having enough time for family & leisure
  • Experiencing financial hardships
  • Not having a clear road map on creating your legacy
  • Feeling hopeless & working for someone else without realizing your true potential or being involved in network marketing



  • Refreshed, enthusiastic, and full of energy
  • Having time for your family, friends, and leisure
  • Being financially independent
  • Having a working business model to leave the legacy
  • Being happy & feeling empowered knowing that you do what you love while earning enough money for your dream life style

Will it work for you?

If you were invited to apply then we already know you and we think you might be a good fit for this platform.

However, if you discovered this page by yourself or someone referred you to this offer your place is not guaranteed yet. Why?

Because we only work with passionate coaches who:

  • are willing to focus on what really matters to build their business while improving people's lives 

  • are sick of endless distractions and scams like premature marketing, SEO, branding, webinars, funnels, ads, chatbots, and  guru programs

  • want to stop being spread thin and start getting results by introducing a proven and reliable system into their business and only focusing on those things in their business that deliver results

in other words we do not give away this powerful weapon to anyone who wants to invest.

So, let's see if we are the right fit for you first.

And then, if you decide to apply, it will be our turn to consider your application and to inform you about the outcome. 


Why Coaches Struggle Now

Unless you rely on outdated and ineffective offline methods to run your coaching business (workshops, flyers, and events) putting together a working coaching business model requires having a highly paid and dedicated team of a few people or spending years of your own time and gazillions of dollars to master the skills you don't need: 

  • Frankenstein do-it-yourself solutions: custom website, auto-responder, plugins, online course creation platforms, scheduling software, integrations, etc.

Monthly: $100 - $500

  • Funnel software: built-in web page builders, poor quality online course builders, and email sequence creation tools. They won't tell you though that what really matters is the right business model and systems, not the tools for creating useless online stuff and funnels no one needs

Monthly: $100 - $300

  • SEO, branding, and marketing agencies can't wait to take your money for building premature things that don't work and that are not required for your business model anyway

Monthly: $500 - $2,000

  • Facebook ads, Instagram ads, and other ads will only get you more into debt. Don't forget that "ad experts" will happily spend you hard-earned money because it's not theirs, and they will charge for the service on top of that

Monthly: $50 - $2,000

  • Dropbox, Google Drive, Wistia and other storage solutions are patiently waiting in the cloud 

Monthly: $15 - $150

  • "Guru" coaching programs on marketing, sales, branding, business coaching, podcasts, and other scam offers will gladly get you into massive debt 

Once-off: $1,000 - $20,000

  • Motivational authors will "bring your passion back" for as long as their retreat lasts making you fall even lower mentally once the initial excitement evaporates in 3 days

Once-off: $1,000 - $3,000

  • But most importantly all of the above "solutions" will get you into the state of total overwhelm and will steal years of your precious time often without getting any meaningful results

Lifely: Can you put a price tag on your time? 

If you sit down and carefully calculate how much money you have spent so far and/or will have spent in the long run you will be shocked. 

But look at this last item in the above list. Regardless of all the monetary expenses you've incurred or will incur the last one is priceless. 

Disagree? Time to stop reading. This offer is not for you. If you want to continue being scammed and you haven't gotten to the boiling point yet you won't appreciate what we have designed. Please leave now. Seriously. 

Agree? Let's see if we can simplify and deliver better results for you. Seriously.

There Is a Better Way...

But what if there was another way? 

  • What if you could eliminate all of the above shiny bright distractions?

  • What if you could have just 1 coaching platform replacing or eliminating the need to have them all?  

  • What if such platform could save you dozens if not hundreds of thousands of dollars in the long run?
  • What if it could save years of your life?

  • What if it could finally get you on the right track in building or growing your coaching business?

What is this platform I hear you asking? How does it work? Can you explain?

Of course we can!

Here Is How

The below picture illustrates how this platform helps you transform your clients into super heroes while helping you systematize your business, work less and earn more.

How It Works

1. Skills Injector

Once you are in, you get access to our 3 premium powerful programs that will serve as a solid foundation for building and growing your successful business:

  • Unstoppable Mind helps you to see it through - building a highly successful business requires a bulletproof mindset

  • Unstoppable Performer builds your peak performance muscles to laser focus on critical aspects in your business and delivery results in the most effective and efficient way

  • Unstoppable Seller helps you make more sales at higher price points and in less time
Skills Injector

That's right, you get life time access to all 3 of our premium programs. Why do we call it Skills Injector? Because you only inject the most important skills at the right time. You don't need to complete all 3 programs upfront. 

Grow as you go. Fast progress is critical. Inject skills when needed.

2. Prospect Magnetizer

If you want clients you need to find a consistent way to magnetize them first.

See this little guy on the left hand side of the diagram? This is a prospect. At this point she knows nothing about you and your business.

That's where the prospect magnetizer kicks in. We will help you build a simple yet extremely effective magnet that grabs people's attention. 

Prospect Magnetizer

Where will this magnet be and how it will look like?

It will be on your own website that we will build for you. 

Did you hear that?

We will build you a website online platform!

And if you already have one, we will migrate it to this new platform.

And it won't be anything like other websites. Most of them are nothing more than online business cards no one cares about. Yours will be different. It will be your all-in-one coaching platform that will scale with your business.

With your personal domain name.

We will host, maintain, backup and secure this platform for you so you never have to worry about hiring anyone to maintain and support it.

No freaking funnels or Frankenstein web solutions anymore. This platform has everything you need to start building success journeys. We reject the word funnels. It has no soul and no meaning. We have a different term for that: success journeys.

Do you see how we've just eliminated a whole bunch of nasty and unnecessary expenses highlighted in the Why Coaches Struggle section? Hold tight, there is more to come, much more...

3. Trust Builder

Trust is the most important currency in your business. If people trust you they will buy from you at much higher price point without thinking twice about it.

Once the prospect has been captured, the next step is to build trust. Look at the diagram again. See this little ladder taking the prospect up the hill? That's helping her trust you and seeing a huge value in being associated with you. 

That's what the Trust Builder component of your own web platform does.

We will help you create a series of highly targeted automated online interactions with your customers via email messages.

Trust Builder

No more wasting thousands of dollars on copywriters, marketers, brand agencies, and other money sucking 'experts'.  You won't have to master these unnecessary skills wasting months and years of your life either. 

We will deliver this simple trust building sequence for you and bake it right into your coaching platform!

We have spent a decade trying different ways of magnetizing prospects and building trust. We know what works and what doesn't. We know what is legit and what is a scam.

But here is another twist: what works for some coaches and niches doesn't work for others. We will help you deliver a simple trust builder that is tailored for your specific audience.

4. Client Converter

Building trust is a crucial prerequisite for converting a prospect into a happy client. But that's not enough. You can't operate a successful business and build the legacy if you don't charge enough for your programs and services. 

This is where the client converter comes in. 

See the bridge? And the sharks? They are your prospect's fears.

And your job is to help them see that the bridge is rock solid and safe. That crossing it will be the first step towards a better and happier life.

Client Converter

But if your offering has a high price tag (which it should for delivering great results), the prospects will be afraid to take a leap of faith. 

See those traffic lights on the bridge? They help your prospects cross it safely.

This is where we help you obtain the most critical skill in life: selling in an ethical and non-pushy way. The Unstoppable Seller program will make you a great communicator. It will teach you the skill of helping people convince themselves that they need your offering.

That is....

If they need your help in the first place. If your goal is to sell to anyone whatever it takes and run away fast before they regain senses get out of here now. This platform is not for you.

We teach you to quickly recognize and disqualify those people who would never buy (tire kickers and time wasters) or who you can't help.

And remember, this is a new way of selling. All without pushing, proving, begging, arguing, and convincing.

Welcome to the world of falling in love with sales. 

5. Results Platform

And here is where it gets really interesting.

The Results Platform is your own cloud based online solution for transforming your clients lives in a way the world hasn't seen yet. 

See the hills with the green flags?  They represent client transformation journeys.

Results Platform

You see, personal development is not two months of 1:1 coaching. It's not an online program. And it's not a once-off package of whatever you have to offer. 

It's a journey.  

And that's where most coaches make a huge mistake. 

They only help their clients climb one hill and then they say good bye. What about all the hard work to magnetize, build trust, and cross the bridge? 

See the little blue cubes under the green flags?

They are multiple programs progressively taking your clients further and further in their life time journey of constant growth and improvement. 

"But how can i manage all of these multiple offerings, isn't it too much?"  we hear you saying.

You don't have to. The results platform has ready-to-use packages that are automatically configured on your website once you sign up. 

That's right, you can offer your clients ready-to-use programs.  

Whether it's a monthly fee or a once-off sale you can keep helping your clients climb higher and higher while making more and more money without having to create those programs by yourself.

But wait, there is more :-) 

Each program is designed in a unique way: interactive, action based, results driven, and  fun to go through for your clients. We use the same tricks video game creators abuse for getting kids addicted. The difference though is massive: we use the same principles to help people live better lives - they become addicted to making progress in these programs.

In a way the Results Platform is an auto-pilot solution for you to help people improve lives while increasing your income at the same time and freeing up more time for other important things in your life.

Without being overwhelmed. 

Work less, make bigger impact, and earn more in your coaching business.

Ready to take the plunge?

Apply Now
  • At this time this offer is by invitation only

  • Let us know if you are interested

  • You know how to get in touch :-)

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