Income Stream for Individuals

What Is It?

It's a way for you to make more money on the side while helping people improve their lives (without having to coach them)

How It Works

It's a way for you to make more money on the side while helping people improve their lives (without having to coach them)

  • Step 1 - Choose a program (or a few of them) to promote
  • Step 2- Apply to become a partner (affiliate)
  • Step 3 - Make money by referring people to us (we deliver the program, you only refer)

Get support all the way through even if you still have no idea how it works. We can teach you make money on the side by helping others. All you need is your passion and burning desire to make more money by helping other people improve their lives without having to coach them.

Who Is This For?

  • Love how AirBnb hosts and Uber drivers make extra money? 
  • Not excited about hosting, driving, or otherwise scrambling for pennies?
  • Would rather make money by helping people improve their lives (mindset, performance, relationships) without having to teach or coach them?

Then maybe you should apply for your chance to be accepted and to:

  • earn extra money while helping make this world a better place
  • feeling extremely good about what you do and being much happier inside
  • becoming a totally different person - creating your new high-achiever identity along the way (you will have to understand our programs which will force you to significantly improve in all areas of your life)

And before you ask it's not a get-rich-quick-scheme and not a network marketing scheme.

You have to be willing to put work in by introducing people to our life changing programs.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much money can I make?
    You get 50% of each sale you make. We have $497 USD and $997 USD programs (so you get either $247 USD or $497 USD per sale). But we believe there is a better question to ask: How many people can I help? Because if you come up with a good answer, the money will follow.

  • I am afraid I am not goo enough! I am so bad at sales
    You are better than you think! If you are serious and passionate about helping other people improve their lives we will support you every step of the way. We will also teach you to sell in an ethical and pleasant way without having to be pushy and salesy. You will fall in love with sales!

  • It looks good but I am shy, timid, and introverted
    That's the easiest problem to have! If you get accepted you will completely change your identity to become a confident and successful individual for the rest of your life because you will have to understand and internalize our life changing programs. And you don't have to become an extrovert at all.

  • How long does it take to make my first sale?
    Some people make $497 USD on their very first day in the program (not typical though) while others spend months to get their first sale. It really depends on how hard you are prepared to work and how dedicated you are. But if you persevere you will get the results.

  • Is it network marketing?
    No, it's not! Read the How It Works section for more details.

  • Is it a get-rich-quick scheme?
    No, it's not! No way! If you have browsed this website you know what we stand for. Our mission is to help 10,000 people live much happier and wealthier lives. We do not believe in get-rich-quick schemes or other ways of making easy money without caring about other people. To truly make it work you have to be willing to put effort and time. And we will support you all the way.

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