Louise Hay

Louise Hay is a metaphysical teacher who has been discussing the connection between the mind and the body since 1976, back when the subject was greatly uncommon. She has influenced many people with her work and in thirty years, has sold more than 50 million books around the world. Of these, her first was Heal Your Body which was later revised and expanded in year 1988. Another of her most celebrated works is You Can Heal Your Life of year 1984 which has been translated to more than 25 languages for ease of understanding in more than 33 countries.

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Book Summary
Wisdom cards A pack of 64 two-side affirmation cards with 128 positive messages designed to improve the quality of your life on day to day basis
Gratitude: A Way of Life A practical guide on using gratitude in your life
Heart Thoughts A compilation of meditations, excerpts, and treatments from Louis Hay's lectures
Everyday positive thinking A very easy book packed with short inspirational stories and sayings on positive thinking, self-esteem, and happiness
The present moment - 365 daily affirmations Contains 365 positive affirmations to fill your days with hope and serenity on a day to day basis
Modern-Day Miracles A compilation of inspirational stories experienced by Louise Hay's readers. Contains multiple examples of life-changing events that happened due to simple changes people made using Hay's techniques
Letters to Louise Gives practical advice on improving the quality of your life in the areas of self-healing, relationships, addictions, aging, death, and disease
All is well A book that multiplies scientific research and spiritual health to help people heal themselves with affirmations and combination of holistic and traditional medicines
You can heal your life A book on healing a number of diseases and mental problems through the power of affirmations
Love Your Body Contains 54 powerful affirmations designed to create healthy and happy bodies
Experience Your Good Now!: Learning to Use Affirmations A book about learning to use affirmations to heal your body and mental state
Empowering Women: Every Woman's Guide to Successful Living A book empowering women to achieve more in life by raising self-esteem, becoming more confident, and breaking artificial barriers
Love Yourself, Heal Your Life Workbook An interactive workbook with plenty of exercises designed to boost confidence, raise self esteem, and improve the quality of your life

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