Mind Inspiration. Part 2 – Four Life Quadrants

In the first part of the mind inspiration series we talked about why most people struggle to live the life on their terms. So, let's spend a few minutes to figure out how to avoid being trapped in boring mediocre living by discovering the liberating concept of "4 Life Quadrants" and a magic quadrant of life.

4 Life Quadrants - Summary

The Secret Of "Four Life Quadrants"

When you understand what we are about to unveil, you will be astonished. Prepare for a shocking truth that will help you break through in life to design and achieve the life style of your dreams.

Meet "4 Life Quadrants". 

To illustrate what it is and how it works in helping you to break through in life let's start with a simple chart with 2 dimensions: mindset & performance. 

2 Dimensions In Life

The next step is to track the effort. Making it simple, we split each scale into high and low effort as illustrated below.

Low and High Effort

Time to draw some lines and connect the dots...

And there you go... 

Four. Life. Quadrants.

4 Life Quadrants - Blank

One of the most important concepts to understand. No one teaches that. You won't find it anywhere else. Cause it violates the laws of ordinary logic. Rightfully so. 

Once you have understood this concept you whole life will turn upside down. You will finally realize what the missing piece of the puzzle was for you to break through.

If you take a closer look you will find that each quadrant in the matrix can be described with a combination of Mindset development (low or high) and Performance (low or high). Overall, we have 4 variations:

  • Low mindset and Low performance
  • High mindset and Low performance
  • Low mindset and High performance
  • High mindset and High performance

Every single person on this planet falls into one of the above 4 quadrants.

And guess what? 

There is only 1 magic quadrant out of 4. If you are not there, chances are you feel there is something missing in your life. Or you don't enjoy yourself as much as you could.

And hey, all ultra successful, wealthy & healthy people have discovered this quadrant a long time ago. 

Ready to make this discovery for yourself?

Quadrant 1 - Followers

The first Life Quadrant is called "Followers" and is characterized by low mindset and low performance qualities. 

4 Life Quadrants - Followers

People from this quadrant have low self-esteem and poor self image. Unorganized, they just have too much on their plate all the time. They don't believe they can go ahead in life. It feels like they are stuck between a rock and a hard place forever.

Mindset - Low
Performance - Low
  • Low self-esteem
  • Self-limiting beliefs
  • No huge goals
  • Unorganized
  • Procrastinate
  • Never have enough time

When you look closer at the below illustration you will notice this huge gap between where "followers" are right now and where they could potentially be.

Instead of committing to one huge goal in life, they are all over the place taking millions of actions in multiple directions. Making no meaningful progress anywhere. 


A total overwhelm and a lack of faith in that they can turn it upside down.

Followers - Life Summary

The great news is if you are in this category, you are probably the luckiest person on Earth as you can make a tremendous jump. All the way to the magic quadrant we are going to discuss shortly. 

Regardless. Of. Your. Background. Or. Bank. Statement. 

Keep reading.

Quadrant 2 - Dreamers

The second Life Quadrant is called "Dreamers" and is characterized by high mindset and low performance qualities. 

4 Life Quadrants - Dreamers

People from this quadrant have likely gone through some sort of mindset training including but not limited to the law of attraction, NLP (neuro-linguistic programming), developing strong self-image, or setting huge goals. They are extremely positive thinkers but might not be well organized or focused for long periods of time.

Mindset - High
Performance - Low
  • Strong self-belief (short-term)
  • Powerful self-image (short-term)
  • Huge goals (short-term)
  • Unorganized
  • Not focused for long enough
  • Never have enough time

What often happens in their life journey is that they get inspired by huge dream(s) and then, when confronted with failure, they eventually give up. They might try hitting their huge goals a few times but eventually they stop trying.

Dreamers - Life Summary

The biggest risk for "Dreamers" is sliding all the way into the "Followers" quadrant where they stay for the rest of their life completely demotivated and unsatisfied and maybe even angry with those experts who introduced them to the world of mindset training.

Quadrant 3 - Producers

The third life quadrant is called "Producers" - people that don't believe in the power of mind (low mindset) but at the same perform at the elite level (high performance).

4 Life Quadrants - Producers

Individuals from this quadrant don't believe in the power of mind. It's a woo-woo for them. They laugh at things like imagination, visualisation, affirmations, and other effective tools designed to re-program the mind for success and meaningful living.

However, they perform at peak levels in their field of expertise or in their business.

Mindset - Low
Performance - High
  • Don't believe they can become super stars
  • Complacent & settled with status-quo
  • No huge goals - end up "somewhere" in life
  • Well organized
  • Focused well enough
  • Often overwhelmed by taking on too much

Once they have mastered the habit of working hard and being very well organized they settle in life. They work hard for the rest of their lives and eventually they end up "somewhere". This place might not be bad at all but deep inside, at the end of their life journey, they know they could have done so much more and could have been so much happier.

They regret not being true to themselves and shooting for huge goals due to their own limits they had put on themselves earlier in life. Their main regret is conforming to someone else's rules and not spending time on discovering or doing what they truly wanted.

Producers - Life Summary

People from this quadrant are unlikely to slide into the "Followers" or "Dreamers" category. However this is not impossible. While the majority of them stay in the "Producers" quadrant, some manage to break through to the magic one...

Quadrant 4 - Achievers

Finally, it's time to discover the magic quadrant.


It doesn't mean they are rich and famous. They well might be but don't have to. 

What defines them is that nearly every single day they have their "Best Day Ever" no matter how hard life treats them or what the circumstances are. 

Individuals from this quadrant live their lives on their terms because they have both high mindset and high performance qualities. 

4 Life Quadrants - Achievers

They understand that the way to break through in life is to have a super powerful mind with extreme self-belief, unbreakable perseverance, powerful self-image, and huge goals other people laugh at.

At the same time they understand that taking daily steps towards their huge dreams is the only way to get there. As a result they are laser focused on what matters and they are extremely well organized. 

Mindset - High
Performance - High
  • Strong Self-belief (permanent)
  • Powerful Strong self-image (permanent)
  • Huge goals (permanent)
  • Extremely organized
  • Focused on what matters
  • Always have enough time

Every single action they take is channelled toward their huge goals.

They disregard obstacles.

They crush through barriers of doubt.

They create opportunities instead of being scared by circumstances.

Eventually they hit this major goal whatever it happens to be. 

Achievers - Life Summary

But here is the secret...

They understand what success truly means. They truly believe in what Earl Nightingale said: "Success is the progressive realization of a worthy ideal". It's not something you have at the end, it's the daily struggle to get there.

What that means is that they enjoy every single day, every single hour, every single minute of the journey. They are present. They love challenges. Because success in their mind is a journey, not a destination. And once they have reached the goal, they set another one, much bigger. And they keep going.

At the end of their life they feel like they are ready to go cause they are incredibly satisfied with the life they have lived. It was worth it. And they smile. 

Success Is A Journey

Success Is A Journey, Not A Destination

The great news is, regardless of where you are right now in your life, which quadrant you are in, you can always discover and confidently jump into the "Achievers" quadrant.

Or, if you are already there you can move further all the way to the top right-hand side corner of the magic quadrant.

Become a top achiever

Ready for the jump? 

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