2 Wolves In Your Mind

Want to save a lot of time for things that matter most in your life?

Here is a very simple principle that will help you achieve this goal and that will stick in your mind for the rest of your life without much effort. A brilliant concept of 2 wolves in your mind.

2 Wolves In Your Mind

2 Wolves In Your Mind

When Jim Rohn was asked how the mind works by one of his grandchildren, he explained it in a way a 5 year old can understand. "There are 2 wolves in everyone's mind: one good and one bad. And they constantly fight", said Mr. Rohn. 

He was immediately challenged with a follow up question:

"Which one is going to win?"

The answer was nothing short of brilliance. 

"The one you feed the most"

If you think about it all of us have 2 wolves in our minds and whenever we think negative thoughts we feed the bad one. On the other hand when we focus on the positive we nurture the good wolf. Isn't it a marvellous analogy anyone can understand? 

Who is currently winning in your mind ?

Here is a simple way to find out to take advantage of this top peak performance principle. 

Spend 5-7 minutes to complete the "Life Multipler" quiz to understand which wolf is winning in your mind, to what to extent, and to get a specific plan of attack on how to find more time for things that matter you.