Mind Inspiration. Part 5 – Performance

In the last of part of the mind inspiration series we discussed how important it is to develop an unstoppable mindset to break through in life. It's time to talk about the second equally important direction: peak performance.

Improving peak performance skills

Regardless of which life quadrant you are from, becoming an elite performer is within your reach without a doubt. But what does it take to wake up every day with a crystal clear plan of attack and execute it confidently like a well-oiled machine in only 8 hours? How to organize yourself to leave enough time for your family and other important things in life?

Here is the essential seven phases to systematically get there step by step.

Step 1 - Understanding Peak Performance

Understanding what it takes to become a peak performer is like using a GPS navigation system while driving from New York to Los Angeles. You have to understand and be guided to arrive at the destination. So what does it take to become an elite performer?

One thing that must click in your mind is that peak performance = daily action no matter how you feel. Easier said than done. With multiple levels of resistance we all have emotional storms hitting us at different time frames constantly.

Peak Performance = Daily Action

On some days you will feel like there is no hope. But taking even a tiny action on days like that will make a huge difference. If you calculate how much top achievers deliver when they are not at their best you will be shocked. They do something every day even when they don't feel like it.

There is a huge reason for this insane work ethic. You take action every day as part of developing an unshakeable character. Think about it as your new identity. Someone you have never been in the past.

A warrior who perseveres and completes this seemingly insignificant 5 minute task on the worst day ever. No matter how it feels. And then falls apart to recover knowing he or she has still made progress on this horrible tiring day.

Getting to this state makes you a special breed. Your self-image is exploding and your confidence levels are sky-rocketing. And then on your best days you deliver 3x, 5x, or even 10x more than average people do with the same time. You are unstoppable.

Small  actions add up to massive results in all aspects of your life.

Step 2 - Decluttering

The next step is to completely declutter your life to clean up space for things that truly matter. Our lives get polluted like rivers in major industrial cities. And it only gets worse over time: the more we take on the more overwhelmed and stressed we become.

Declutter your life

Learning and applying proven techniques for decluttering your life will make it much easier to break through in life. Why? Less things to worry about that you don't really need. Less stress. More time for things you truly love and need.

Step 3 - Getting Full Clarity

To become a successful builder (career, business, relationships, body, family) cut through the clutter and understand where you are going. This is a crucial step towards developing peak performance habits.

Getting full clarity

Clarity must become your best friend if you want to do exceptionally well in life. Develop the habit of searching for it on a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly, and lifely basis.

And keep in mind that clarity comes in 2 flavours: 

  1. Clarity = Planning daily / weekly / monthly / quarterly - having a solid plan of attack at shorter time frames is liberating. Going beyond quarters is not recommended due to uncertainty and demotivation
  2. Clarity = Vision yearly and lifely - nothing can be more powerful than setting huge goals and having a clear vision for the long term

Step 4 - Mastering Peak Performance Weapons 

Ever asked yourself how ultra successful athletes, movie stars, business magnates, thought leaders, and super parents operate? How do they use their time? What do they do differently to the rest of the population? 

It's simple.

They made a firm decision to add devastating peak performance weapons to their arsenal. And they use them daily to continue building their fortunes !

Peak Performance Weapons

Ultra performers use 3 different types of lethal peak performance weapons to destroy problems and eliminate challenges:

  • "Prioritize" weapons - ruthlessly ignoring things that don't matter in multiple aspects of their lives and only working on tasks that move the needle towards their huge goals
  • "Focus" weapons - disconnecting from the world while doing deep work that matters, destroying interruptions, and concentrating single-mindedly on crucial tasks until they are finished
  • "Optimize" weapons - progressively moving towards higher value tasks and delegating less important things to other team members

Step 5 - Developing Insane Focus

Most people operate in the hell of meaningless multi-tasking leaving their mind spinning all the time and not letting it rest at all. Constant firefighting at work, in business, and at home is the default operation mode for most of us. This results in a life of painful frustration and quiet desperation. The only way to stop this nightmare is to start working on the incredible weapon of FOCUS. 

Focus on ONE thing

And guess what?

Similarly to the weapon of getting full clarity, the skill of focusing on ONE thing applies to multiple time frames. Achieving a huge goal can only be fuelled by focusing on:

  • the next 1-2 hours time block of the day
  • 1 to 3 main daily priorities 
  • 5 to 7 big weekly goals
  • a few monthly deliverables and
  • quarterly OKRs (objectives and key results as used in Google, Apple, Intel, and many other giants)

Want to stop the chaos and get back to the driver's seat of your life?

Start working hard on improving the weapon of FOCUS at multiple time frames.

Step 6 - Introducing Peak Performance Framework

Introducing a peak performance framework at a personal level is as important as having highways in big cities. Take it away and things start moving too slow leading to...

...Excruciating. Congestions. And. Pains. In. All. Departments. Of. Your. Life.

Want quality results faster? Build the peak performance highway (framework) in your mind !

Peak Performance Framework

And you know what?

Surprise, surprise...

Remember how getting clarity and focusing on ONE thing works at multiple time frames?

A highly effective peak performance framework is no different. 

You need to build a system that will drive you daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly. It's like getting back to New York from Los Angeles. You start by departing a hotel taking this little road and obeying traffic lights, then you find your way to a highway and so on and so forth. You keep driving switching gears all the time. 

That's exactly how your operate as a team member, business owner, body/shape builder, or a family role model. A robust peak performance framework gets you to tangible results much faster and smoother.

Step 7 - Systematizing

Once you have become a peak performer individually, the next step is systematizing your environment.


And it doesn't matter who you are:

  • an employed person is either a leader or is part of a team that needs to perform and deliver results in a fast-paced world full of lean competitors
  • an owner of a successful business will always have staff members that must be effective and efficient while being happy and motivated
  • a professional  athlete needs a team of coaches with strict responsibilities in developing physical skills and mental strength
  • a stay-at-home parent desperately needs systems at home so their kids can help with chores, develop personally, and leave the parent enough time for other passions and demands of personal life

Sooner or later in your life especially if you want to have this elusive work/life balance, you must start systematizing your environment.

What's Next ?

So, "where do I go from here?", I hear you asking. To answer this question let's recover the context of this mind inspiration series. You will recall that the most important concept to understand to break through in life is the 4 Life Quadrants.

What's next?

If you have been through all 5 parts of this series you have a firm understanding on which quadrant you are in and which direction you need to pursue to continuing your journey of breaking out in life. 

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