Protect The Mind. Part 3 – Disconnect From Technology

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A fearless warrior (you) deploys the mind guard team responsible for protecting the perimeter of the mind and preventing unconstructive inputs from people. But there is more hard work to do...

Two more angles of attack must be addressed as part of this intense defense operation. In this module we are unveiling the secrets of defusing intimidating attacks from the technology direction.

Disconnect from technology

Step 1 - Understanding The Enemy

As always the secret to defeating any enemy is understanding who or what the enemy is.

Technology magnates like Steve Jobs and Bill Gates are often portrayed as heroes by the media. What most people don't realize though, is how many lives their gadgets destroyed. And will continue destroying non-stop day after day.

Intruders from technology

Don't get me wrong. Technology is great. But as a society we are simply not ready for this huge weapon of mass destruction. Look around. Our addiction to instant gratification caused by technology made us extremely impatient. More and more lives will continue to be destroyed each year killing more dreams and passions than all wars combined will ever do.

Step 2 - Reverse Engineering The Attacks

Here is just one example on how technology destroys people's lives and ruins their dreams. The below diagram uses the concept that we call result reinforcement loop to explain how the damage is made:

Reverse engineering attacks from technology

The idea here is that once the information is consumed from a technology source it gets reinforced in the subconscious mind which drives all of our actions (or lack or them).

Step 3 - Learning The Truth About Time

97 out 100 people have extremely bad relationships...

...with time.

More specifically, they don't understand the power of the compound effect. If you have never heard about this phenomenon here is how it works. Let's start with a couple of simple examples: 

  • if someone eats a broccoli today and immediately goes to gym, will she get into a great shape tomorrow ?
  • if the same person eats a burger for lunch, will she have a heart attack on the spot ? 

I doubt it.

See, good or bad, the results take time to deliver. And the longer you do something (good or bad) the faster the results come (positive or negative). It's called the momentum or the compound effect.

Technology steals time and results

Want tangible results in your career, business, and health faster ? Improve your relationship with time. 


Disconnecting from technology is one of the most essential ingredients to achieve this goal.

Step 4 - Preparing For The Attacks

Preparing for technology attacks will reinforce the defense perimeter around your mind saving years of your time over the long term. So let's go off and explore different types of technology assaults you are exposed to every single day.

Attack #1 - TV Shows and Streaming Services

Want to know what keeps most people stuck in life until the last day on this planet?

Freaking TV shows and video streaming services.

But how? Isn't it life? How can they possibly damage your mind? If you've explored the concept of multiple levels of resistance it will be easy to understand what's going on:

Attack 1 - TV shows pollute the mind

As you could notice from the above diagram those time wasting shows and other TV programs keep us from breaking out through multiple levels of resistance.

Heck, do we even have time to think about breaking through in life ? What freedom are you talking about? What Dreams?  My favourite show starts in 5 minutes! Later! Where is the remote control ?!

So. Many. People. Are. Chained. Forever.

Attack #2 - Social Networking Websites

When Mark Zuckerberg was creating Facebook, it didn't occur to him it would become a weapon of mass destruction distraction. Welcome to the world of scrolling hell. 

Have you heard about the social comparison phenomenon? Here is how it works:

  1. People are social creatures and naturally we want to compare how we are tracking against others
  2. When we scroll we compare ourselves to our friends and colleagues
  3. Most people overexaggerate their results in life - they only choose to post those pictures and updates that make their life look perfect. What you see is a romantic night on a perfect trip, but what you don't see is a huge argument straight after leaving the couple hold grudges against each other for the rest of the trip
  4. As we scroll we see people's imaginary worlds and OMG, they figured it out... This thing called life. This promotion, this partner, this trip, and other things. "My life sucks" - we cry !
  5. But we keep going back to continue comparing our lives to see how others are going. The years are ticking second by second in the meantime. Kids are getting angrier being ambushed by technology. Partners overreact. Hell, let me just scroll for 5 more minutes, would you ?!
Attack 2 - Social Networks

Next time you find yourself on a social networking website ask this question: do I have to be here? Do I have better things to do?

Is there someone else in this world who deserves my attention instead of this scrolling hell machine? 

Attack #3 - Smartphones

How can a smartphone possibly attack a person? To answer this question let's start with explaining a little known secret only 5% of the population understand. How time works. 

It takes 3 micro-phases to accomplish anything:

  • getting into a task - spending mental energy to prepare the material and to get into the rhythm
  • being productive - working on a task until...
  • being interrupted - no matter how focused a person is, eventually her attention shifts to something else
How interruptions work

This productivity cycle repeats hundreds and thousands of times a day.

Every time a person gets distracted by a smartphone notification such as checking email, taking a call, or scrolling through the hell of social networking updates his flow gets broken badly.

Here is just one day in a life of person attacked by a smartphone:

Attack 3 - An average person attacked by a smartphone

Move to the next diagram below. Can you see those red bits? They represent the attacks launched by the person's smartphone. Deadly interruptions breaking the productivity flow.

Attack 3 - Interruptions

So far so good? 

OK, what about the time it takes to recover the context of a task the victim had been working on before being interrupted? Those little orange blocks, right? 

Attack 3 - Switching context

Still not too bad? Well, let's switch to the green ones, should we? Those moments of time we use for something useful such as working on tasks (advancing in career, building business, getting into a shape, etc.) or enjoying time with the people we love (recharging batteries).

Attack 3 - Time left

Love maths? 

Doesn't matter if you don't, we have grouped the related activities together for you in the below diagram !

Let's put everything into perspective an compare the wise use of time (green blocks of work or family time) VS red and orange bits for recovering context and being interrupted...

Attack 3 - Summary

Not pretty, is it ? Don't think it's the case with your life? Rewind today or yesterday to the very beginning and remember as many details as you possibly can.

How many red bits did you count in that day? And orange ones? 

Welcome to the world of destroying the hell of smartphone interruptions, warrior !

Step 5 - Winning The Battles

Ready to turn the world of technology from a ruthless enemy into a good friend? Consider saving dozens of years of your time by deploying the mind guard team and developing billionaire habits. 

Deploy weapons to protect from technology attack

Here is a simple question for you:

Enough is enough?

Ready to break through in life? If yes, there is a program we built with passion to help you get there. Why not to check it out? What do you have to lose?

In the meantime, let's just keep uncovering those building blocks for designing the perimeter to stand guard at the door of your mind...

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