Mind Battles. Part 5 – Powers

After going through mind battles and fighting against the 3 negative forces of intruders, blockers, and underminers we finally arrived to the final battle in the mind transformation campaign. That's where powers come into play to take over and deliver more and more of your best days ever.

Mind Battles - Powers

This is the most exciting phase that, when executed properly as part of an actionable peak performance system, will propel you to extreme highs and will fill your life with happiness, passion, and energy giving you a lot of time for things that truly matter.

Why Care About Powers ?

Do you remember the days when you were a kid? Jump into your mental time machine and travel to the past just for a moment.

Most people would call those days as "enthusiastic, worry-less living". So why the majority of us lose this pure joyful passionate life style as we become older?

Well, because we are adults, right? And we are not supposed to be extremely happy. At the end of the day we have families to raise, we have work or business commitments, we have responsibilities.

It's life, right? There is nothing we can do...

Life without powers is tough

Life without powers is tough

Well.... Don't despair...

You see, once you discover your hidden powers, things change.

In a BIG way.

Life with powers is liberating

Discovering hidden powers liberates

You start using them and you never want to go back. You start strengthening them all the time. You suddenly realize you have always had them. You simply hadn't discovered them.

And that's where real fun begins...

What Are Powers ?

Powers are positive and liberating forces that take us to extreme highs of healthy, wealthy, and meaningful living without regrets.

What Powers Are

Here is a full list of all of them from our mind model:

  • Inspiration
  • Self-belief
  • Strong self-image
  • Confidence
  • Courage
  • Persistence
  • Growth mindset
  • Enthusiasm
  • Focus
  • Good habits

Where Do They Come From ?

Similar to underminers and blockers powers reside in the subconscious mind. But this is the only thing that both have in common. Unlike underminers, powers are much less developed due to a number of factors such negative bias of the mind, conditioning, and prior failures and rejections in our lives.

Sitting in the subconscious territory, powers fuel our conscious mind: positive thinking, constructive self-talk, hope, happiness, and optimism. 

Where Powers Come From

And if you really think about it all of our actions are driven by them as well. And what delivers results? Correct. Consistent actions. Day in - day out.

And if all of our results in life are determined by powers, is there a way to grow them?

Can we  turn it all around and take advantage of these powerful natural forces?

Can They Be Cultivated ?


And it doesn't matter what your background is, how smart you are, or what your bank account balance is.

And hey, if you don't believe the above statement that only means one thing: one of your underminers is way stronger than a corresponding power. Specifically, your FIXED MINDSET (underminer) is likely winning the battle against the GROWTH MINDSET (power).

Even if you believe in the above statement (meaning your GROWTH MINDSET power is stronger) you might still be afraid to go for it and to develop your powers. That simply means you have another battle in the mind going. The battle of FEAR vs COURAGE - another pair of powers and underminers.

Fear VS Courage

See, as you read this section, you might be challenging the concept of growing powers and eliminating underminers. You might be saying to yourself. Really? Do I have what it takes? Hmmm. I am not to sure..

Stop for a moment. And think if you believe in what you have just read in the last 5 minutes. If you are still not convinced you can grow your powers the battle is on right now! Your powers are fighting the underminers as we speak!

Think about it. What happens in your mind right now? 

As you read this...

Isn't it fascinating? 

Powers VS Underminers

If you are still reading you believe. Congratulations. There is something in you that wants to know how deep the rabbit hole is. You have a potential to become the ONE. The one who can take charge of your own life through hard work and perseverance. 

But let's go back to our mind battles and have a closer look at the confrontation of powers and underminers.

Powers VS Underminers

How would you explain to a 6 year old why people get angry at each other? Why we hold grudges? Or why as we get older our self-belief plummets? We don't believe we can achieve massive goals and live our dream life styles? 

Well, if you use Jim Rohn's "Two wolves in your mind" technique it really is simple to understand what happens in the mind. And yes, a 6 year old will get it !

Imagine a good wolf in your mind who is in charge of the 10 powers highlighted above. On the other side of the mind is a bad wolf who controls 10 counterpart underminers covered previously

Now, these two wolves fight all the time ! 

When you doubt yourself, when you are not in the mood, when your own thoughts frustrate you the bad wolf is winning, Conversely, when you keep believing in your dreams, keep learning, keep grinding the good one is dominating.

"Which one is going to win?", I hear you ask. The one you feed the most! Just like Jim Rohn said.

Which wolf is dominating in your mind all the time ? Which one do you want to win ? Which one do you want to feed more ?

How To Replace Underminers With Powers

Is it simple to get the good wolf win? To grow the POWERS and kick off the UNDERMINERS?

Only if you have a step-by-step actionable system that you will want to go back to regularly. It must be interesting, engaging, and result-driven. Otherwise, the progress will be very slow and frustrating. Without putting a system like that in place it will like you are stuck all the time and you can't break through no matter how hard you try.

If you want to fast track your results in life, work, and/or business consider applying to be accepted to our 5 phase mind transformation program. It has 5 simple phases split into actionable step-by-step modules as described below.

5 Step Mind Transformation System

But if it's not for everyone. If you feel like you already have a perfect balance in life and you spend enough time with your family and everything is under control it's not for you. 

However, if you feel like there is something missing in your life and you are ready to take specific steps to finally break through in life, career, or business check it out.

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