Grateful Warrior

Grateful Warrior

If you feel like there is something missing in your life or you want something to happen badly the first thing you should do is to stop focusing on it. And yes, it's counter-intuitive. 

All ultra happy and successful people practice this secret routine each morning to make their dreams come true. They spend only 5 minutes first thing in the morning to continue designing and living an amazing life.

Why Becoming a Grateful Warrior?

Watch the below video to understand why not focusing on what you want first thing in the morning is the only way to get it:

How Do I Use The Tool?

When you wake up spend the first 5 minutes vividly remembering everything you are grateful for:

  • Where you live - the fact that you have a roof is enough to be grateful for
  • Who you live with - even if you are in the process of disassociating from this people be grateful to them for making you a stronger warrior. If you love them dearly even better
  • Where you work - making any income is better than nothing
  • Who you work with - even if you have a boss from hell, be grateful for being in this situation because it has made and will make you stronger
  • Remember what happened yesterday - be grateful for all experiences regardless of good or bad, find something good about every situation and be grateful for that
  • Your parents - regardless of how they raised you. Remember they did their best given their awareness. If they were mean and angry that's the best they could do at that point
  • And other things and events in your life - keep bringing up more and more events and people into your mind 

Where To Go From Here ? 

Consider the following actions: