Mind Inspiration. Part 4 – Mindset

[Deep movie narrator voice]  Previously... In the mind inspiration series... The concept of 4 Life Quadrants continues to be hidden from the majority of the population... Very few people are aware of the secret life breakthrough journey... But a brave warrior (you) is keen to find out a way to live a happy, healthy, and wealthy life despite all the unsuccessful efforts of the dark forces hiding this treasure...

Let's talk about the Mindset dimension in the journey of breaking through in life. The truth is, anyone can strengthen their mind powers regardless of where they are right now and how much or how little they believe in the power of the mind.

Step 1 - Setting Huge Goals

The most important ingredient in developing an incredible mind capable of designing your dream life style is mastering the skill of setting huge goals. The reason for that is that unrealistic goals will saturate your life with passion and enthusiasm and will pull you through difficult times.

Do not trust so-called "experts" and "gurus" who claim that big goals don't work. Those people only focus on the performance dimension which is much easier to sell. Forgive them for their ignorance because they still have good intentions to help people, but their understanding is very limited.

Setting HUGE goals

When you find your WHY - a huge goal that scares and exhilarates you at the same time, the moment of clarity occurs. You suddenly appreciate every moment in life. You understand that success is a journey not a destination.

Step 2 - Understanding Multiple Levels Of Resistance

The reason so many people and "experts" don't believe in setting huge goals is because they are simply unaware of the concept that we call multiple levels of resistance. Simply understanding this powerful concept will liberate and empower you should you decide to accept the mission idea.

Here is how it works.

Thee are multiple levels of resistance that a person needs to break through in order to design the life style of their dreams and to see it through.

Multiple Levels Of Resistance - Stuck In Prison

Most people don't understand the concept and all they see is the 1-st level of resistance.

Their self-image is not powerful enough to break through and they are stuck in this self-imposed mental prison for the rest of their lives with very little growth.

They simply don't believe they can live life on their terms. Maybe they tried a few times and failed. And failures further reinforced their self-limiting beliefs. They will be stuck for the rest of their lives. Most of them.

But those lucky ones to discover multiple levels of resistance win big in life. Granted, they face a lot of challenges and adversities as they break though each level. 

But as they progress they just keep fighting, they keep digging, they keep taking this persistence test.

Multiple Levels Of Resistance - Breakthrough

And it doesn't matter how hard it hurts with each failure. 

They simply re-group, reset expectations, adjust the course, and continue taking action. Breaking through. A layer by layer they eventually get to this huge goal. 

And then?

They set another one, and they continue breaking through barriers. They enjoy it. They are in control of their own destiny. Understanding how multiple levels of resistance work liberates.

Step 3 - Simplifying Life

The next step? Simplify your life full steam! To understand why, we will use the concept called "The Wheel Of Life".  And guess what? Each sector on the wheel represents... Well, a part of your life! 

So why simplify? 

With insane interconnectedness of the digital world, the speed of life has increased exponentially over the last decade and it will only get worse from here. Most people spend their days in a horrible rush of unfocused and meaningless daily action. The ability to focus and being present truly enjoying the moment is unheard of. We are in chaos of a non-stop busy life with billions of distractions bombarding our minds daily.

Simplify Life

The result?

A very complicated life with apathy and depression caused by constant overwhelm and insane pressures.

Those people who learn how to focus deeply on things that matter in their lives will do exceptionally well compared to the rest of the world.

Remember what Brian Tracy once said: "You will never have enough time for everything, but you will always have plenty of time for the most important things".

Want a happy life full of joy, wealth, and health?


Not easy, but extremely important. And hey, those "productivity gurus" won't tell you that. Most of them will only teach you how to work 24 x 7 like a robot. 

There is nothing wrong with being efficient, don't get me wrong. But simplifying does something else. Something much more important than pure productivity for the sake of doing more. 

Simplifying makes you effective. It lets you breathe instead of fiercely pursuing millions of unimportant things you don't really care about. 

And there is nothing more powerful than being efficient at what truly matters in your life, leaving everything else behind.

Step 4 - Re-programming The Mind

Maybe you have heard in the past that there is no work/life balance. It's simply impossible to achieve. You either have one or the other. Forgive those people who say that. They will regret living without the balance closer to the end of their lives when the time to reflect will come.

According to research (just google "The Top 5 Regrets Of The Dying"), working too hard (or too little) and not finding the right balance in life is one of the 5 most painful regrets people have about the way they had lived their lives.

If you are convinced that simplifying life is the only way to get the work/life balance problem solved, you have to understand another concept that we cover in a separate mini-series of mind battles.

Mind battles

The idea is that there are 3 negative forces (INTRUDERS, BLOCKERS, and UNDERMINERS) fighting against 1 positive force of POWERS. Why these names? Because it's so much easier to work on the mind when there is a simple model to follow. 

If you calculate how much time an average person wastes spends (let's not be harsh, right?) on processing negative inputs (INTRUDERS), worrying (BLOCKERS), and not believing in themselves (UNDERMINERS) you will be shocked.

And it doesn't matter how developed you are already. You can always multiply your time and start living life on your terms by re-programming your mind. Once again, refer to our series explaining how the mind works and what it takes to declutter it by winning all battles one by one.  

Winning Mind Battles

OK, if you are still reading you are special. Not many people care about breaking out. Not many people believe. But you do. And you deserve to do exceptionally well in life. And we will help you to break through in life with this actionable content, I promise.

But back to our series...

Step 5 - Insuring From Failure

Remember, when people uncover the power of mind development they often take it too far without taking enough steps in another direction: the direction of peak performance. 

Remember the 4 Life Quadrants?

Improving peak performance

People from any quadrant can learn to perform at peak levels by focusing on small actionable tasks and making daily progress to succeed and break through in life. It's impossible to design a balanced and extraordinary life without moving to the right hand side corner.

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