Mind Battles. Part 1 – Overview

Everything we have in life is determined by what we do. But what drives our actions ? One way to look at this is to use a simple mind model with the four invisible forces to help us understand what battles happen every single day in our minds.

Battles In The Mind

Battles In The Mind - The Four Invisible Forces

Once you start looking at the main participants of mind battles, you will soon realize it's not a fare game: only 1 positive force against 3 negative ones. 

All super successful athletes, movie stars, and billionaires understand these crucial forces and that's why they get ahead in life. This understanding helps them systematically take action towards insane results.

Want to join their ranks?

Understand the concept of mind battles first. Let's take a closer look. 


Mind Intruders

If you went through our guide explaining how the mind works you will recall that we have 5 main senses (antennas in the below diagram). These senses are receptors designed to consume external information and feed it into the mind. 

Unfortunately, there are way too much negative input coming into our minds from the outside.

In the above mind model these inputs are called intruders. Pretty much anything that pollutes the mind:

  • negative things other people say
  • useless chatter
  • some TV programs
  • internet content 
  • and other external sources of garbage that comes to our mind every single day


Mind blockers

Let's zoom into the subconscious part of the mind (the bottom part) where a layer of blockers stands firmly to prevent us from spending time wisely and fulfilling our potential. 

What are those yellow bits that stand in our way?

Here is just a few examples: 

  • worries
  • negative emotions
  • unconstructive behaviours

All of the above forces block our mind all the time on auto-pilot without us even realizing how much time is wasted.


Mind Underminers

The next layer right in the middle of the subconscious mind is called underminers - a set of extremely powerful negative forces designed to stop 98% of the population from achieving insane results. 

Let's look at just a few of them: 

  • self-limiting beliefs
  • poor self-image
  • apathy
  • fear
  • procrastination
  • surrender
  • and a few others (in our mind model we have 10 of them all together)

As you can guess the underminers are responsible for all miserable failures we experience in life. These masterminds are responsible for defeating our dreams, goals, actions, and systems and keeping our lives mediocre. 

Wouldn't it be great if we could get rid of all of the 3 negative forces in the mind battlefield (intruders, blockers, and underminers) ? 

Meet the powers.


Mind Powers

Luckily for us, our minds have powers. The forces responsible for making us persevere and succeed regardless of circumstances.

What are they? 

Consider qualities like: 

  • self-belief
  • strong self-image
  • inspiration
  • courage
  • focus
  • persistence
  • and a few others (in our mind model we have 10 super powers - 1 per each underminer)

The bad news is that our powers are under constant attack by other participants of mind battles (intrudersblockers, and underminers).

The good news is that powers can be protected, nurtured, and developed so that they dominate in the mind.

Deliver insane & meaningful results in your life

If you had a choice, where would you rather be?

Mind battles - negative vs positive participants

How would it feel if you could replace all self-limiting beliefs and other negative forces with incredible powers that would take you to your dreams regardless of your background and circumstances?

Ready for it? 

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