Mind Inspiration. Part 3 – Journey

In the previous part of the mind inspiration series we have introduced the concept of 4 Life Quadrants and identified the magic one. Many people secretly dream about achieving big things in life and jumping into the quadrant of Achievers. But how to make it happen? 

Most people dream about becoming, having, or doing BIG things in life

From Homeless To President ?

Imagine a homeless person. What's going on through your mind now? I am yet to find a person who would say: "I am so proud of this homeless guy. He is incredible !".  

Now, imagine a favourite president of your favourite country. Doesn't have to be active. Doesn't have to be alive. It doesn't even have to be a president. Just think about someone extremely famous who you and many other people respect a lot. 

Contrast the 2 pictures in your mind and answer this question: "Do you consider yourself as someone who has more blessings in life than a homeless person?" Do you believe this homeless person can do better in life by just finding a simple job instead of begging? 

Shift the focus to you favourite famous person (president, executive, actress/actor, athlete, business magnate). The shocking truth is, this person may consider you as a homeless person relatively speaking.

Do you believe this super star thinks you can do better in life by simply taking the steps that you don't necessarily see now due to the lack of awareness? 

Are you a homeless person in someone else's mind?

Are you a homeless person in someone else's mind?

You are a homeless person in someone else's mind!

And they know you can turn it upside down because they have done it. They operate at a different level. They can easily see what you don't yet.

Liberating, isn't it? 

So, what do these super achievers know that most of us don't ? 

The Secret To Breaking Through

If you truly want to live life on your terms you have got to understand this simple principle.

You have to design your own journey, not follow someone else's path.

The truth is, we are all different and there is no standard recipe that works for everyone to break through in life. 

Your Breakthrough Journey

Discover the breakthrough system that will work for you

The good news is, there is a system that can help you. It's always been there. It's just that you haven't discovered it yet. Or you haven't understood it fully yet. Yet. This 'yet' is so important. 

OK, let's see what we can do to chisel this step-by-step system that will work specifically for you. 

Step 1 - Determine You Life Quadrant

If you haven't discovered the 4 Life Quadrants yet, it's time to do it now because you need to know where you are right now to determine the starting point and direction.

Determine life quadrant

Step 2 - Plot The Direction Of The Journey

Next, sketch the direction. Which way are you going? 

Diagonally across all the way from Followers To Achievers?

Followers To Achievers

If you are a Dreamer though, the direction will be different. Improving your peak performance skills (moving from left to right in the performance axis) is of highest possible value as illustrated below.

Dreamers To Achievers

The journey is totally different for Producers. It's crucial for them to become open-minded when it comes to believing in mindset development techniques and systems. They have to take a leap of faith and start using their imagination to full extent, setting huge goals, creating morning rituals for charging their days and taking other important steps moving them all the way up to the right hand side corner of the Achievers quadrant.

Producers To Achievers

Let's not forget about Achievers.  Because even if you are not from that category already you will be there one day if you are determined. 

Achievers can continue growing all the time

Remember wherever you are, you can continue climbing in the direction of your choice gradually moving higher and higher in both directions until you cross the border and live the life you won't regret living.

Step 3 - Introduce a System

The reality is, this transformation journey is not a "get-rich-quick" scheme. 

It will take time. And you will feel like you want to give up. And it will hurt at times. But you will enjoy it, as long as you manage to introduce a system that will help you transform the right way.

That is why the final step is so crucial. You have got to find a system that is:

  • tailored for your transformation journey (as opposed to one size fits all online course for example)
  • actionable & step-by-step to avoid frustration and procrastination
  • engaging and interesting to use so you are keen to use it over and over again
  • effective & efficient so you spend least amount of time on it but still deliver results fast
  • extremely easy to repeat & recap ideally with summary infographics so you can recap in seconds and minutes, instead of days and weeks) 

And you have 2 options only.

Either design a system by trial and error spending dozens of years of your time, reading books, analyzing, digesting, trying, failing, and finally succeeding -OR-....

Design a system

Option 1 - Design a system yourself (time consuming)

... Find an existing proven system that will work specifically for you. Use it consistently and systematically, make tiny adjustments where necessary and enjoy saving dozens of years of your life building your success on the shoulders of giants as they say.

Find a system

Option 2 - Find a system that will work for you 

One way or another, you will have to make it happen. To enjoy living this life to full extent you have to get out there and inject a highly actionable and engaging system into your life to enjoy progressing towards the life style of your dreams. 

Whether you start with a mindset development system or a peak performance system depends on which life quadrant you are in right now as explained earlier. 

Need full clarity on what needs to be done next to design or find your system? 

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