The Wheel Of Life

When life gets busy it's way too easy to get off balance. There is simply not enough time for everything and huge trade-offs need to be made. While your current priorities might be extremely important and urgent, living an unbalanced life will eventually take its toll leading to intense frustration, stress and disappointment.

That's when it's time to take a "30,000 feet view" of your life by using a simple yet very useful tool nearly every personal development coach uses: The Wheel Of Life.

Wheel Of Life

How Can It Help Me Get This Elusive Balance In Life ?

The tool is designed to help you consider each area of your life and understand where the gaps are with the lack of balance. It puts everything into perspective and gives you incredible insights that are so easy to miss without having a framework.

It helps you simplify your life.

Simplify your life

How Do I Use The Tool ?

Follow this simple process:

  • Draw or print out the Wheel Of Life, add as many sections as you need
  • For each area identify how happy you are scoring each sector from 0 to 10
  • Analyze each area and think where the gaps are based on the importance of each section 
  • Create an action plan on how to fill the gaps by re-assessing your priorities in life and even "undergoing major surgeries" if necessary

Where To Go From Here ? 

Consider the following actions: