Mind Battles. Part 2 – Intruders

In the previous part we discovered the concept of mind battles. It's time to look at the first destructive force responsible for killing dreams and ruining lives: intruders. Simply becoming aware of them will separate you from the 98% of the people out there who simply comply with "the reality" and don't even try to go for their dreams.

Mind Intruders

Why Should I Care ?

Garbage in - garbage out. It's as simple as that. If you are not aware of intruders they will continue spreading like the weeds in the garden of your mind. Ever dreamt about something big with your life? Career, business, family? Wish you would have what it takes to get there? Guess what, the intruders is the first negative force to eliminate to make it all happen.

Jim Rohn - Stand Guard At The Door Of Your Mind

Jim Rohn once said "Every day stand guard at the door of your mind".

What are you feeding your mind? What goes in? What shapes your future?

Ignore intruders and get your life polluted like a scary garden full of weeds and poisonous plants.  Protect your mind from the unwanted negative input and enjoy the benefits of fruitful life full of happiness, health, and wealth.

OK, What Are They ?

Still reading? Congratulations! You are a rare breed who deserves to do well in life because you care about yourself. And you can focus. So, let's keep going.

Intruders are all the negative and unconstructive inputs that penetrate the mind through the five senses. Just a few quick examples (can you relate?):

  • negative conversations & arguments
  • words of discouragement & threats
  • useless chatter & gossiping
  • negative news & useless TV/streaming/radio programs
  • and other garbage coming into our mind from all over the place

How many of these interactions do you have daily? 

Where Do They Come From?

The only two sources of negative inputs to our minds are people & technologies. 

Underminer Sources

Just think about it for 59 seconds:

  • Who are these people who dump all the negative inputs into your mind? Making you feel bad, upset, and frustrated?
  • What are these technologies that pollute your peaceful mind with depressing thoughts and horrible stories that make you feel intimidated?

Review the above picture and be honest with yourself. Who or what is attacking your mind with the negative stuff every day thus re-programming your mind for mediocrity and lack of passionate action ?

What Are They Targeting ?

Intruders have only one mission. They are extremely focused. Their goal is to pollute the most important asset you have. 

What is the asset? 

Think about it. Truly think. Seriously. 

What drives your blinking? What makes you breath when you sleep? What makes you switch on a left turn indicator to make a turn as you drive? What drives your actions? What is the only force responsible for all of the results in your life? 

If you are truly honest with yourself you will agree there is only one meaningful answer to all of the above questions.

The mind.

Intruders target the mind

But how do we protect the mind from the unwanted (and often disguised) attacks?  

Well, the very first thing to do is to become aware. To identify the enemy. To understand who are you defending your mind from ...

How To Identify Them ?

Is there a way to identify all intruders and stop them from polluting the garden of your life?

Of course!

The best way?

Be honest.

Most people have the weeds penetrated so deep that they can't even remember what their dreams once were. They settle for the inconvenient life style. They don't believe it's possible. After all, you gotta be lucky to live your dream, right?

Not so fast. Because...

Intruders make you think so.

And it will continue to be like that until you make a firm decision to get rid of them.

How To Get Rid Of Them ?

One of the most efficient ways to get rid of negative external inputs is to deploy the mind guard team to protect your mind - the most important asset you have.

Get rid of intruders

Here is a useful mental recipe for protecting your mind from the negative forces intruding every day. 

Imagine a green protection layer around your mind. Inside, there is a mind guard team deployed to prevent any negative input from getting in.

All unconstructive and useless information simply bounces back to where it came from.

This will empower you to ignore all the negative stuff in a very simple and playful way.

For example, when someone is rude to you, imagine your mind fully protected and visualize an orange intruder ball bouncing back and not getting into your mind.

Really. Just try it.

You will be amazed how easy it is to defuse all the negativity, unconstructive criticism, and useless chatter with this powerful mental weapon.

Stand Guard At The Door Of Your Mind

Keen to continue protecting your mind and developing your mental super powers ? Time to break out and start hitting those crazy sick goals you might have set? 

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